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Axlin16 Boring afternoon theories

interesting post

+ 592 weeks ago
RussTCB GN'R To Play Jakarta In December

Rough translation

+ 593 weeks ago
faldor Axl On Kimmel Oct 24th, Live Interview!

you got it

+ 595 weeks ago
misterID "Better" Video Discussion

If a guitarist played in NIN but a Bon Jovi fan doesn't know about it, did he really play? 16

+ 596 weeks ago
Me_Wise_Magic "Better" Video Discussion

Thanks dude!

+ 597 weeks ago
James "Better" Video Discussion


+ 598 weeks ago
Me_Wise_Magic Megadeth Singer Doubles Down on Government Shooting Claims

Good point!

+ 602 weeks ago
Gagarin Bumblefoot not happy? Speculating....

i'd buy that

+ 604 weeks ago
misterID State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

great post

+ 613 weeks ago
smoke Officially Licensed Merchandising from 1997?

Great catch. Also, on the TWAT background videos!

+ 615 weeks ago
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