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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

bigbri wrote:

Better was, well, better with Slash's solo. I miss Bucket's killswitch and mini-solo before the big solo.

Also, can I say Duff and Melissa doing backing vocals sounds wonderful. I'd like to hear from the Evo members who were there about that.

I've always thought raspy-voiced vocalists benefit from having a female backing vocalist with a clear tone. A good example is Melissa Auf der Maur on Hole's Celebrity Skin album.

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

James wrote:
DCK wrote:

I'm not sure Better and CD really improved as much as people like to think.

They have. CD hasn't sounded this good since 2002 and Better might actually get radio play had it been released sounding like this.

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

polluxlm wrote:

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

Acquiesce wrote:

My old self couldn't stay up to watch the streams so thank you to everyone who posted videos. They sounded great. For some reason I never really cared for the album version of Coma, but it sounded killer live.

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

polluxlm wrote:

You know it's good when you see people making videos like this:

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

Gibbo wrote:

This fella got the best videos

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

apex-twin wrote:
Axlin16 wrote:


Vintage 2002 LALD Axl scream alert


You know it. The Scream was one of Axl's highlights in '02.

Check this out. It's roughly a 12-second long wail.

The same, fourteen years later.

The Scream remains the same.

Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

AtariLegend wrote:

I think it was a fantastic show (well sitting watching a dodgy stream). Completely surreal and a fascinating set-list with Coma which alot of us when we heard the rumors doubted it.

As for the Chinese Democracy tracks, I like Slash's take on the title track and better/(intro included). If you're saying though that the This I Love solo is better than on the album version, then you're getting caught up in the moment. It was very strange, he seemed to be playing something else he came up with himself on the spot and well I don't want to criticize after that show we just saw. I just don't see why a track that was actually sung by the crowd in south america a few years ago, that alot of us actually loved is going from nothing to something just because Slash played something other than the solo.

Just feel the need to say though again, the band is fantastic and everything else was crazy.

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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

otto wrote:

Just woke up... Don't know if I can write a proper review so I'll focus on some of the things that caught my attention the most:
- Fuckin setlist! Great one, although if it were the (old new?) band, people would be complaining like "well, they've been off tour for 2 years and all they did was add 2 songs to the set?". You know who you are... 16
- Listening to Coma while the guys were right there was a great life moment.
- Axl fucked up Brownstone and Nightrain. Frank fucked up You Could Be Mine. BTW, of all concerts I've seen with him, this was Frank's sloppier performance. He's usually solid. Don't know if it was the nervous or if it's a direction from Slash/Duff to make it sound more akin to Adler's GNR sound.
- It was great seeing the  guys, Duff in particular, always going to the throne and rocking out with Axl.
- Dizzy seemed bored most of the times, like something was not right. I've noticed on this setup he doesn't get as much highlight as he did previously so perhaps it's that or something not disclosed.
- Melissa was rocking out to ALL tunes, ALL the time. Seemed really into it, much more energized than Pitman ever was.
- New intro to Better made me think it was a new song... Went nuts for a while then Melissa and Duff started singing the " no one ever told me.." And I have to say it sounded like it always should. The album intro is annoying to me sounds like JLo shit, trying too hard to be poppy.
- Slash was really into it and his performance was way better than the last time I saw him in Porto Alegre. But you could tell he was somewhat too self aware. Perhaps it is the nervous system, being that it's their first big show. It was just WHAT IS MEANT TO BE, seeing him and Axl on that stage. I've always (well, up until 2011 when things stalled hard) supported whatever lineup Axl brought to the table but I have to say now: it fuckin isn't GUNS N' ROSES WITHOUT SLASH.
- Chinese and Better tonight better with Slash although I miss Robin's solo on the latter.
- Still on the fence but will have more opinions tonight about TIL solo.
- Axl looked happy albeit a little annoyed for not moving around. His performance was solid and Mickey only showed up when he didn't leave the stage for too long to take oxygen.
- it was a GREAT ROCK SHOW but the stage setup and whole infra is under par to what a Slashless Guns N Roses had previously put out on tour and these are one off shows at a really high price.

By far the best GNR concert I've saw. Dare to say, it was my first wink

Mama's Good Boy
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Re: GNR - VEGAS, T-Mobile Arena Show, 4/8

Starting at 37 minutes, TWAT was soundchecked.   

I have a feeling that solos were done by Richard here..   because Slash isn't really staying true to the original solos in the other CD songs.     And it sounds more like Richard's tone

I admit, I have a huge attachement to some of those solos..  TIL just wasn't working for me.     And as much as I love Robin and Bucket's solos in Better, I am digging this new version too.

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