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A Private Eye
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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

Sounds pretty fucking good to me.

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

apex-twin wrote:
DCK wrote:
jonesy wrote:
DCK wrote:

Haha, AC/DC fans pulled out, GNR fans took their spots.

It looks like a good time. People can be so self-destructive sometimes. Jesus Christ you know, it's fucking simple rock n' roll. Try to act the part as a fan too. Simple. It's a good time, not religion.

Yeah man, people who get pissed off at shit like this, jeez, lighten up and enjoy it, its a mad thing to happen and no-one could have ever predicted this a year ago, or ever tbh.  Just go with the flow and enjoy the damn show!

Yeah man. Like they take personal offense or something. Very rock n roll. Just grab a beer and enjoy yourselves. Fuck.


There's more going on than just angry people online. They should listen to their man.

Angus wrote:

Because of the nature of Brian’s deafness, we knew that there was no easy fix. So you’ve got to then say, ‘what do we do here?’ The options were very limited and you think, if we just stop with all of this machinery it’s going to be a hell of a lot of legal entanglement…

Rock or Bust's name just got real. Axl saved their asses big time and he's sounded surprisingly protective on the gig. It sounded like he'd step down only for Brian.

Axl wrote:

Whatever they’re doing with Brian, that’s not my place to talk, that’s their business. Anybody else, I will slowly poison them!

Should be interesting. But fear not, as it has been pointed out by others here, AC/DC nowadays tours in about 5-year intervals - and they tour a new album. There's a theoretical chance, then, that Angus' last stand will be an album and a tour with Axl.

Meantime, Axl will wholly enjoy the fact that he's pulling one up on Slash, who did the warm-up shows as the returning guitar hero, while someone observed him from his throne. Once they hit the stadiums, Axl should be mobile again, with his voice and confidence all geared up.

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

polluxlm wrote:
A Private Eye wrote:

Sounds pretty fucking good to me.

From 2.09 to 2.40 ca. is out of this world.

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

Gibbo wrote:

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

slcpunk wrote:

Online nerds can wet their pants, the crowd is clearly going batshit for this.

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

slcpunk wrote:

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

tejastech08 wrote:

A writer from The Guardian who previously posted a column begging Angus to retire the band name has just posted a 5/5 star review for the Lisbon show. He was very impressed with Axl's performance.

The only thing I disagree with him on is that I don't think Axl was TOO respectful of the Brian songs, he was simply singing his ass off the way the songs require. I'm blown away that Axl can pull off that incredible rasp on Thunderstruck, Back In Black, Hells Bells, and For Those About To Rock after the last 15 years of Mickey Mouse vocals. … b-gdnmusic

Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

AtariLegend wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

Rock or Bust
Shoot to Thrill
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Rock N' Roll Damnation
High Voltage
Rock N' Roll Train
Hells Bells
Given the Dog a Bone
Sin City
You Shook Me All Night Long
Shot Down in Flames
Have a Drink on Me
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock

Highway to Hell
Riff Raff
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

For reference from what I deduced from the AC/DC fan site;

They were very happy to see Riff Raff and Rock N' Roll Damnation added to the set list.

They seemed to hate Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder and Rock N' Roll Train though. They wanted those tracks dropped from the set-list.

It's hard to tell though what the really thought, alot seemed happy and others acted like they would on Blabbermouth. However there's quite a few Guns N' Roses fans signed up to the AC DC forum recently.

Did see people saying it's not fair to compare Brian to Axl, when Axl's 20 years younger. If only those AC/DC fans had met 2006 Axl tongue.

Mama's Good Boy
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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

Axl of 2016 really does sound the best he has in at least 10 years.   

Some of the rasp on these ACDC songs bring me back to the UYI tour.     Really incredible.     You can tell he is into this.

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Re: 7/5/16 Lisbon, Portugal AC/DC (First Show With Axl)

James wrote:

Just watched Thunderstruck. Dear mother of God. It's like he was born to sing it.  Anyone who would complain about that is either trolling or deaf. Talk about bringing his A game to the table.

He's truly back on top. There's no room for improvement there. Girls Got Rhythm, Ride on,etc. but that's just set list preferences and its subjective.

Those fans who sold their tickets probably feel like complete imbeciles right now.

If only those AC/DC fans had met 2006 Axl

I'll take 2016 Axl over any CD era Axl any day of the week. He's hungry and is ready for a major run. He's ambituous. He's kicking ass and he knows it. He sounds better than he has since I was in high school. He has huge venues eating it up. None of those things were true ten years ago.

I do wish all this had happened a decade ago but he clearly wasn't ready for it. Some fans were expecting a washed up Axl performing at fiasco after fiasco until it all imploded. Instead he is blowing the world's mind and pulling double duty at it. The media is falling in love with him again. The world has been reminded of what it has been missing for so long.

I want him to go on a run with AC/DC. He's that good right now. I don't know where this is coming from but his comeback is just off the charts. Axl, did you sell your soul to the devil?

Let Slash and Duff play around with Chinese leftovers and record an album with AC/DC. After that's run its course, do a fresh GNR album.

I love how GNR fans said last year a reunion wasn't feasible because Slash cant multitask GNR and solo projects. Look who's doing the multitasking now. 16

I gotta watch this whole show.

Any other bands out there need a lead singer right now? Maybe Axl can squeeze them into his schedule.

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