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Re: The Obsession

Tommie wrote:

The obsession... you know what I mean.  After CD came out, it was almost like I could close a chapter of my life.  I moved on, got a job, went back to college, GnR was off my radar.  I know from talking to some of you via Facebook (Lofton, PaSnow, Will) that I wasn't the only one.  It was like, I waited so long for that damn album to be released, I could finally "let go" for lack of a less dramatic term.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDD now its back lol   I find myself searching youtube every night, rewatching past concerts (Indiana 91 is still my fave), and just in general...I feel like I did back in 06-07.  Hell, I even re-added Evo as one of my landing pages when I open up Chrome.  Anyways, its good to be back, I hope others follow suit as well.  We used to have some badass discussions on here.

CSS 2.0
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Re: The Obsession

CSS 2.0 wrote:

I thought this "phase" of my life was over as well but...


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Re: The Obsession

Tommie wrote:

That fits so perfectly lol.

Smoking Guns
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Re: The Obsession

Smoking Guns wrote:

I never left....

But I am burned out on Axl/DC.

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Re: The Obsession

James wrote:

Yeah a lot of people "moved on" after CD's release. It's a shame that the release was so anticlimactic. More moved on when it was crystal clear we weren't getting another album once the Ashba years started. I wasn't willing to even pretend one was coming.  Its a miracle that any GNR communities survived the 09-14 years.

In hindsight the project almost seems cursed. One step forward, two steps back. Two steps forward, five steps back. Just when it looks like we might get it, they enter silent mode. Here they come again(2006)...yet it still takes two years.

Many fans(including me) used to blame Axl for the drawn out saga. With hindsight its obvious that the label deserves most of the blame.

On its surface, the reunion changes everything. Chances for forward movement went up. Chances of some sort of release went up. The set lists improved dramatically. Axl seems happy. The AC/DC thing blew everyone away. Summer tour on the way but the hardcore base is in a holding pattern. Even though I consider the reset button was hit on the 'wait' for new material, this is basically what everyone wants. The general public is being reintroduced to GNR so they aren't foaming at the mouth for a new album like we are. They're happy to hear Jungle again.

There hasn't been this much potential since the mid 90s and 2001. Hopefully it goes in a different direction this time. They have the world's attention. Now make the most of it.

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Re: The Obsession

slcpunk wrote:

It was funny how we all (well most of us) thought the communities would blow up once the album was dropped. The exact opposite happened. It was like having all the air let out of the balloon. Anti-climatic and then everybody headed for the exits.

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Re: The Obsession

polluxlm wrote:

It had to be anti climatic. The album was hyped up so much and for so long that even if the sound layers could heal cancer there would be disappointment. Factor in that most of the songs had been heard for years and it was an impossible mountain to climb. Amazingly it still got good reviews and sold decent enough for the time. Could have been like Duke Nukem Forever which I think fizzled out completely.

In the end I'm glad we got it. Some great songs on there, some iconic moments. Definitely not a bad album, but the hype and the leaks killed everything that should have been good about it. Fans could probably have lived with the hype if TWAT was dropped on us completely fresh, but when people have heard your best song for 2 years already it doesn't matter if it's great.

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Re: The Obsession

sandman wrote:

i love the album and am glad we got it. there are some classic songs on there.

I think it was influential. have you heard the new RHCP single? reminds me of something that could be on CD. the production seems similar.

I wish things were handled differently and I believe they could have had more success. another album would have been great. but I went to 2 shows in 2011 and everyone of my friends absolutely loved the show (many of whom were skeptical going in). then I went to 2 shows at very small venues in 2012 that were killer.  and saw them again in 2014 at another small venue. they were pretty active during those years with tours so there was always something going on.

like I said, a lot of things should have been done differently and they should have been way more active in 2008 -2009 right before and after the album came out.

but we are in an incredible place today. a place I never thought we'd be. couldn't be happier. but just wanted to point out that '09-'14 was not a total waste. I've listened to CD ALOT. and I saw a bunch of killer shows.

hopefully, they put out an album with slash and duff. their catalog is thin as Axl recently alluded to. so hopefully that gives him the push to get it done. gotta have at least one album per decade, right? LOL.

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Re: The Obsession

deadsouth wrote:

The obsession ended the second CD was finally half ass released...  I'll admit i. did not see this reformation  coming and frankly am not interested in it. 

Of course parts of me are quite bitter I invested so much support into the CD era to see it end so half assed and now with a cash grab reformation... anyway I'm starting to sound redundant.

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Re: The Obsession

apex-twin wrote:

Here's prolly the biggest fan on stage.

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