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GNR Discography

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Noteable Appearances

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With only a handful of relatively unsuccessful bands prior to joining Guns N Roses we jump straight to Izzys solo career post-Guns, that would be the Ju Ju Hounds in 1992. One critically acclaimed album, a live EP and a world tour later and Izzy called it a day.

When Gilby Clarke injured his hand in 1993 Izzy returned to GNR to play a handful of European dates. In 1995 he also wrote new material for Guns N Roses.

After a 5 year hiatus from the Ju Ju Hounds Izzy fulfilled his contract to Geffen Records and turned in 117 in 1998. The album featured two songs that were originally intended for the followup Ju Ju Hounds album.

In 1999 Izzy released Ride On to the Japanese market only, following up with a 4 date mini-tour in 2000.

2001 saw Izzy release River whilst also stirring up rumors of demo tracks laid down by Izzy, Slash and Duff. The demo tracks have not been released to date.

It was a Japan-only release the following year, 2002, with Izzy dropping On Down The Road.

Like A Dog surfaced for "online orders only" in 2005, two years after it was originally recorded in April 2003. The ten track rocker was limited to only 975 CD pressings though the album would later become available through iTunes.

After failing to see the need for record labels Izzy turned his hand to online distribution in 2007. Izzys back catalog of albums (post-117) were made available through iTunes, along with a new release entitled Miami.

Continuing forward with his online-only method of distribution an acoustic album entitled Fire was made available, featuring Timo Kaltia ("Right Next Door To Hell" co-songwriter) as a guest songwriter on two tracks. With no promotion Izzy also dropped Concrete onto iTunes in 2008, "Smoke" in 2009 and "Wave Of Heat" in 2010, followed by two singles "Baby Rann" and Upside in 2012.

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