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metallex78 I hate The Fray

Yep, couldn't agree more, Joe Satriani's song shits all over Coldplay's blatant rip off!

+ 805 weeks ago
Bono U2's Get on Your Boots Video Premiere

Boots video

+ 806 weeks ago
Axlin16 Philadelphia police: Boy brought heroin to school

where's adler

+ 806 weeks ago
PaSnow Chinese Democracy Elimination Round 10

Didn't vant to do eet... Took me a second to get it.

+ 806 weeks ago
Tommie Swatting - the new "is your refrigerator running"

Never thought of it that way.

+ 806 weeks ago
Furbush Hit my girlfriend...might go to jail.

"you don't hit girls"

+ 812 weeks ago
Bono 100 Worst Guitar Solos - Guitar World


+ 813 weeks ago
Axlin16 Chinese Democracy #12 Album On Rolling Stone's Top 50 Albums Of 2008


+ 813 weeks ago
monkeychow Bitter, Snowblind Weiland Badmouths Axl (Again)

Thanks smile

+ 814 weeks ago
BLS-Pride Metallica Debuts All Nightmare Long Video

All Nightmare Long video

+ 814 weeks ago
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