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Smoking Guns Hall Of Fame Conspiracy Theory

Damn right!

+ 642 weeks ago
mickronson Hall Of Fame Conspiracy Theory

accept no substitutes

+ 642 weeks ago
war Blender Mag - 20 Biggest Record Company Screw-Ups Of All Time (12-GnR)

true but, more so, good dry humor

+ 848 weeks ago
James Bach not touring with Axl this summer

Bach info

+ 849 weeks ago
Von Mick Wall interview on the radio

Fuckhead. Go home.

- 850 weeks ago
Mikkamakka Questions

I agree and I give the point to regain the loss made by...that guy. Truth hurts, lol.

+ 859 weeks ago
Jimmy Zig Zag Bobiadis Staff cuts hit Geffen. Interscope

because you are a fucking douchebag

- 861 weeks ago
AtariLegend Chinese Democracy Voted Classic Rock Magazine Album Of The Year 2007!

Posting that better scan.

+ 861 weeks ago
Gunslinger Who will be the GNR scapegoat for 2007?

For posting the 13 Tuesdays Left/insane to do to our fans post

+ 861 weeks ago
Jimmy Zig Zag Bobiadis Another Year Almost Gone By


- 862 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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