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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl On Kimmel Oct 24th, Live Interview! » 613 weeks ago

Anybody has a link for the Kimmel Slash video?  Can't find it.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Is Russ the new Jarmo? (Mentioned on GN'Rs fb page) » 617 weeks ago

Maybe Russ will start erasing comments that are not pro-GNR.  tongue

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Billie Joe Armstrong is not a Bon Jovi fan » 617 weeks ago

monkeychow wrote:

Where do I see this doco you guys are talking about? Sounds like a good watch. Is it for sale anywhere/what's it called?

It came free with The Circle album.  Not sure if it still does.  I liked the documentary myself.  I was glad they touched on the subject of Bon Jovi being a band or a solo act.  I remember in the early 90's Jon had said he considered Bon Jovi a solo act and that had always bothered me because Sambora is a key part in that "solo act".  Always thought that Jon was a little bit of an egomaniac and that documentary didn't change my mind one bit.  But it made me see his side a bit.  And I agree with Russ.  While I always wished they would go back to a more artistic side like in the These Days record.  He at least explained why he won't do it.  BTW haven't listened to Sambo's latest solo record yet.  Any good?

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » Round 3 Buzzsaw vs Russ » 618 weeks ago

I totally agree with you Buzz.  Those are the 2 most solid bands and I'm surprised that the votes are not closer than this.

#5 Re: The Sunset Strip » Round 3 Buzzsaw vs Russ » 619 weeks ago

Ouch!  That is a really tough one!  I mean Lennon vs Elvis.  Lennon is definitely the best musician, but Elvis is a better performer and has a better voice.  Rhodes vs Eddie Van Halen.  That is very tough to determine which is better.  Keith Richards vs David Gilmour.  I think I'd have to give just a slight nod to Richards here.  A really slight one.  McCartney vs McVie.  I'll give McVie a slight nod because McCartney is responsible for some very horrible songs in the excellent catalog of the Beatles.  Dolenz vs Hawkins.  Sounds easy to give the nod to Hawkins.  But!  Dolenz is underrated perhaps.  And you have Sting against Prince.  Buzzsaw's band seems to have more talent to write songs because basicalyy Elvis didn't write lyrics or music.  I'll go with Russ because basically, if his band played live, they'd have a better variety of music.  Their catalog would be more diverse.  Wheread Buzz's band would be slightly more limited due to the fact you have 2 Beatles.  But this one will be VERY close.

#6 Re: The Sunset Strip » Round 3 best band D vs BLS » 619 weeks ago

I'll have no hard feelings and vote for the band that defeated me.  *lol*

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » best band round 2 BLS vs Supaplex » 620 weeks ago

BLS-Pride wrote:

I see your game. New rule. Not voting for bls gets you banned. 16

Sometimes my English sucks.  And it sucks these days.  And it just seemed that in your post you spent more time putting down Supa's band down than praising your own.  So I must have misunderstood as I read again and saw more where you were going.  And I just felt that your lineup was solid enough to praise it without dragging the other in mud.  Because your band is VERY solid BLS.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Round 2 D vs gnfnraxl » 620 weeks ago

Sorry for what?  For voting for D's band?  Nothing to be sorry for there.  wink  I personnally think my band would be strong and if I had gone in earlier it could still be this lineup with maybe one modification as I'd have picked Neil Peart.  All a matter of opinion.  Nothing wrong with that.  smile

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » best band round 2 BLS vs Supaplex » 620 weeks ago

supaplex wrote:
BLS-Pride wrote:

I wasnt trashing his band. Just saying why i think mine is better and my opinion of the band. Im not gonna make a case for my opponent to win.

i don't see your arguments as trashing my band, don't worry.

everybody has to bring arguments for their own band to win, obviously.

Hidden Text:

my band kicks ass. bls' band suxzzz 13



#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » best band round 2 BLS vs Supaplex » 620 weeks ago

buzzsaw wrote:

I screwed up against Lofton then...I said his band was good. 

I look at it similarly...the bands are what they are.  There's no way to know for sure if it would or wouldn't work; it's all just an opinion.  People are most often going to choose the band they like more of the people in.  Makes sense.  The people that like more of a heavy sound are going to lean towards bands put together in that style; the people that like more "pop" music are going to go for bands closer to that style. 

My band is as "pop" as you can get.  I know there are some people that won't vote for it for that reason, and there's nothing wrong with that.  I get it.  I didn't make the band for anybody other than me.  It's already a winner in my book no matter how the votes come out.

I totally agree with you.

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