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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » GNR Name Contract (w/ MSL/snooze72 scans) » 442 weeks ago

-D- wrote:

I agree with what was said, Slash is a stage name... any legal binding document would have to be signed by Saul Hudson which makes me think this isn't accurate

Not really. If on the first page of the concract it was disclosed that he would be indentified on it as Slash, it's ok.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses Vs. The Beatles » 486 weeks ago

-D- wrote:

Axl is greater singer than Paul/John

Slash is a far superior guitarist To Harrison and Lennon

Ive never been a Beatles fan..  Falls into that, They are the greatest because its been repeated over generations and people are too afraid to say otherwise.

That is true! I mean, look what's happening here to those who bash The Beatles. It just seems wrong not to like them. I don't like them, so what? It's not a crime.

They had also the benefit of being the "firsts".

#3 Re: GN'R Downloads » Better Gone » 488 weeks ago

The brazilian guy is called Silvano Teixeira, and on his "Brazilian Democracy" EP, the songs from Chinese Democracy were Street Of Dreams (called The Blues there) and Madagascar. No Better.

And no, it doesn't sound amatuer at all. Random guys with some even if good skills on sound forge and audacity wouldn't be able to do it with the multitracks not even in a thousand years. It sounds professional, because it is professional.

#4 Re: GN'R Downloads » Better Gone » 488 weeks ago

Of course he is. On 2011 he came back to the forums after long gone to show how MSL was lying on several issues regarding the blackmailing. This is what he found out, even before Better Gone had leaked and he confirmed it's legitimacy:

A few hours later, darknemus, once MSL partner logged into MyGNR Forum to warn the fans about MSL's actual intentions. According to darknemus, MSL came to him on January 20 asking what to do with the received material, once that, taking a look at the little leaked so far, the content was explosive and maybe dangerous to GNR. According to darknemus, MSL wanted to make money out of what he had, what pissed him off. Darknemus made a quick investigation and found out that:
-Someone in Europe hacked Beta Lebeis personal email, apart from 2 or 3 emails associated to her, and the PowerPoint came from one of that accounts.
- There's a Better Remix called Better Gone, not included in Chinese Democracy.

#5 Re: GN'R Downloads » Better Gone » 488 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

Oh brain, confirmed it. Who did Brain confirm it too? I assume this was confirmed by member of community who we all believe?

I said it before, if you want a confirmation yourself, email him.

AtariLegend wrote:

MSL didn't he claim a remix from several years ago of There Was A Time was a leak?

I don't know about that. But he did confirm Better Gone is real. And also, look the 6th item of that list: … &Itemid=42

I know it doesn't say much, but it shows that this song didn't come out of nowhere. Read Brain interviews since 2010, he claims several times to be working on remixes to Axl. Like this one:

Brain wrote:

-When did you last wrote or recorded something to Guns N' Roses?
Brian: Been doing some cool re-mixes for guns!!! That shit is sick!!! It's gonna rip peoples faces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: … an-mantia/

And this:

Brain wrote:

"But I’m still doing stuff, I’ve done some remixes for him. He’s always been good with me. I know he’s got his reputation and I’ve seen it and that’s what makes him Axl Rose. He’s running the whole ship. He’s got a lot of pressure and there’s a lot of freaks trying to take s*** from him.

Source: … y-556166/6

AtariLegend wrote:

darknemus, oh no one remembers Latigo Hammers. Must be legit.

Well, I trust him. When did he ever lie before?

-D- wrote:

If brain did that he is the worst gnr drummer of all time

Why? He didn't admit it publicly. Better than lie to the fans, damage control is pathetic.

RussTCB wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:
RussTCB wrote:


Several sources have confirmed that Better Gone is real. No need to attack Manets.

Can I ask what sources?

Brain has confirmed it numerous to many users on mygnr and htgth. All the users who've said Brain confirmed it were ones that I trusted.

If you don't want to believe it's real than you're welcome to that. What you can do is drop by just to insult another user.

Thank you.

#6 Re: GN'R Downloads » Better Gone » 488 weeks ago

Brain, MSL, darknemus, just to name a few.

#8 Re: GN'R Downloads » Better Gone » 488 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

I refuse to believe that piece of musical abortion has anything to do with Brain and seriously it was posted by Manets. Do you know how much fake stuff he's posted in past few years on MYGNR?

It's someone trolling people.

Tell me. How much fake stuff have I posted in past few years on MyGNR. Tell me.
Better Gone is real. Yes, I posted it on YouTube, but I didn't leak it.
If you doubt, email Brain. Just do it, go to Brain Beatz and email him. He'll reply. It may take a while, but he will.

#9 Guns N' Roses » Skwerl's post on MyGNR regarding his leak and his source » 488 weeks ago

Replies: 163

i'm just going to copy and paste my own words from some email threads... with some notes added here and there. you guys have a lot of wacky speculation going on here. the statute of limitations has run out on a civil suit, so i'll tell more of the story soon.

i get asked about this idea of an azoff conspiracy a lot. i have no evidence supporting it. but regardless of the factors that led me to acquire it, the leak was definitely used to the label's advantage, and directly enabled them to finally release it.

i believe delays would have continued without some sort of event.. be it a leak, or axl getting hit by a donut truck, or something that put axl / old guns into the public consciousness. they wanted to do a deal like best buy where they could just dump it for one lump sum because they didn't believe it would sell. for that to happen, best buy needed to believe people cared. the label used the hype about the leaks to close that deal. we have evidence of all of this from our investigation, and had we gone to trial, it would have been a big part of our case.

yes, people have drawn lines through billy/apc and nin connections. but you can't throw a rock in hollywood without hitting someone who worked on chinese democracy. i know people closer to it than billy. it's a small world.

my leaks didn't come from any of the apc or nin guys, or anyone i met at universal.

yeah, antiquiet wasn't "established" in june of 2008, but it was older than this thread says it was. we published an exclusive bombshell interview with josh homme in 2007, where he put interscope on blast and pissed off half the industry. we never waited for anyone to give us a story, we went out and took it. take that however you'd like.

re: "...When eventually allowed time to think, ‘Skwerl’ was able to pinpoint the origins of the Antiquiet leaks. With the context of Axl’s very public fall-out with Mr. Azoff as support, does anybody else suspect that Kevin Cogill came to the same apparently ‘bat shit crazy’ conclusion as Axl Rose?"

haha... message board kids have a lot of free time and very active imaginations.

when the fbi first asked me, i had a story, but i didn't know if it was true. and i wasn't about to give the fbi information i wasn't sure of. nor was i going to give them any names of anyone at all before speaking with a lawyer. by the time the case was over, we had investigated everything and confirmed what we needed to. and we confirmed that the original story was true. so i wasn't sure at first, but now i am.

not that someone just handed it to me in a back alley, i was going after it. but i had no idea if i'd been lied to along the way or not.

a lot of people have asked me about the azoff conspiracy theory. i haven't seen any evidence of it, and we went really deep. i'm afraid to say what is more likely, because then you guys will go crazy on that. but if there was someone behind some conspiracy, i wouldn't bet on azoff.

and it wouldn't need to be a conspiracy anyway, what you're talking about is just how labels work.

also, fernando's a bitch. and as i told syndicate, he had nothing to do with anything i ever got.

also there are about 10 new tracks out there. … try3317015

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Definitive Chinese Democracy Leaks Thread » 489 weeks ago

Halo69 aka AxlRoseCalifornia aka AndreCC, an old troll.

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