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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » The "Iron Maiden" Thread » 631 weeks ago

Iron Maiden Nets New UK Deal.

British heavy-metal legends Iron Maiden announced this week that they have renewed and extended their relationship with EMI through a worldwide agreement that brings in additional revenue streams from touring, merchandise and sponsorships. Terms of the deal were not released, but a spokeswoman from EMI did confirm that the new contract does exclude the US where the band is licensed to Universal (after buying the band's previous US label Sanctuary), and that the additional revenue streams were not a part of the former contract. Maiden and EMI have had a marathon-length partnership that has spanned some 28 years and counting.

This deal follows the new "360 deal" model that has labels offering broader contracts using other revenue sources as a way to help them make up losses due to rampant CD piracy in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. "For a band with a global following like Maiden, who rely on fan word of mouth, touring and marketing/sales expertise as they receive little or no radio or TV support, it is key that the 100 percent support and implementation of our visual marketing campaigns internationally is both effective and enthusiastic," Maiden manager Rod Smallwood said in a press release.

The band will embark on a mammoth six week, 60,000 mile world tour in early 2008 that has vocalist Bruce Dickinson flying the band, equipment and crew from destination to destination in a customized Boeing 757 jet. Maiden also announced last week that they will be playing the 50,000 capacity Twickenham Rugby Stadium in July, which marks their first-ever UK stadium show.

source: … d=53047298

#2 Re: The Garden » Supernatural Experiences » 631 weeks ago

luckylittlelady wrote:

I am open minded as to the existence of ghosts/whatever.

I sure do believe in other beings.I dont remember much from my childhood but my mom says I used to talk in strange languages and that I use too see things/ghosts/entities.I almost onetime according to her jumped through a window.I do remember being scared at that house and then I would stand and sleep next to my mom's bed as she wouldnt allow me to sleep in her bed.Crazy stuff.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Marilyn Manson » 631 weeks ago

Manson Angered by Bottle-Throwing Fan.

Rocker Marilyn Manson was far from impressed when a member of the audience at a gig in Manchester, England, on Thursday threw a bottle at the stage.

The bottle was thrown by from the crowd, hitting Manson's bassist, to which the singer responded with a thinly veiled call for his fans to punish the offender.

He told the audience, "I just want to be sure that you guys know that I did not say 'beat the [bleep] out of him.'

"I said 'No, whatever you do, don't beat the [bleep] out of that guy that raised his hand. No matter what don't beat that guy's [bleep] skull in, no matter what

Source: … y_id=22608

Fan-filmed footage:

Now if that's not engouraging them to beat the guy then I dont know what is.

#4 The Sunset Strip » Ex-MISFITS Guitarist Releases Own Version Of Band's Controversial 'Los » 631 weeks ago

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Former MISFITS guitarist Bobby Steele, who played in the band from 1978 through the fall of 1980, has recorded his own version of the infamous "lost" MISFITS album, "12 Hits From Hell". Steele's version of the album can be heard on the "streaming player" on his band THE UNDEAD's official web site:

The most controversial album in the MISFITS' tumultuous history, "12 Hits From Hell" was a collection of recordings made by the band in the fall of 1980. Halfway through the sessions, Steele was fired from the band and replaced by Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, and many of these tracks were later re-recorded for 1982's legendary "Walk Among Us" album. A remixed collection of the original "12 Hits" tracks, featuring both Steele and Doyle on guitar, was originally released by Caroline Records in October 2001. However, it was quickly recalled at the request of MISFITS bassist Jerry Only and founding member Glenn Danzig. Considered by many fans to be sonically superior to "Walk Among Us", "12 Hits From Hell" remains a popular bootleg item.

Read more at … emID=86588

#5 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Steven Adler Cancels Tour (Updated) » 631 weeks ago

Video footage of US 66 '” consisting of Tracii Guns (L.A. GUNS, ex-GUNS N' ROSES) on lead guitar, Joe LeSte (BANG TANGO) on vocals, Steven Adler (ADLER'S APPETITE, ex-GUNS N' ROSES) on drums, Chip Z'Nuff (ENUFF Z'NUFF) on bass, and Michael Thomas (FASTER PUSSYCAT) on guitar '” performing the GUNS N' ROSES classic "Welcome to the Junge" at this past summer's Rocklahoma festival at the Catch The Fever Festival Grounds, four miles north of Pryor, Oklahoma, can be viewed below (courtesy of Justin Kuhns). Also available is an interview former ICED EARTH/DEATH drummer Richard Christy '” who currently works for "The Howard Stern Show" '” conducted with Chip Z'Nuff and Steven Adler.

US 66 performing "Welcome to the Junge":

Chip Z'Nuff + Steven Adler interview: … emID=86584

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » METALLICA Discussion » 631 weeks ago

According to, the 1991 multi-platinum LP "The Black Album" was the last METALLICA disc recorded outside their cozy confines in the Bay Area. With that in mind, producer Rick Rubin encouraged the guys to lay down new tracks in L.A. "Rick thought it'd be beneficial for the gang to get out of the comfort zone of our back yards," drummer Lars Ulrich tells "We've been tripping up and down to L.A. since April, and the results have been better than good." As of Thanksgiving, the only hurdles left are overdubs and James Hetfield's vocals. "That's it," says Ulrich. "We're very alive and well."

In the latest issue of the METALLICA Club (the group's official fan club) members-only magazine "So What!" METALLICA's James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich offer more insight into the songwriting process for the group's forthcoming album. "We don't want pretty good, we want excellent and [producer] Rick Rubin is getting us to try and achieve that," Hetfield is quoted as saying. "He's [Rick] very good at getting the essence of an artist out and bringing that back to the top again. It's the 'Master of Puppets' mentality again. You need to prove the world that you're good, you need to be hungry again '” you need to [put on] a showcase that says, 'Here we are, just like the first time we did it.'"

Added Hammett: "It's about doing the best that you possibly can. I have difficulty wading through all the ideas because I'm biased '” I think everything we do has a lot of merit to it. In that regard Rick Rubin is great because he will just say, 'Such and such a part is not good, so come up with something else.' He just leaves the problem up to us and we just solve it between ourselves without too much interference from his side, which is completely different from [longtime METALLICA producer] Bob Rock whose musical thinking would permeate the record. Rick Rubin leaves a lot of the musical problem solving to ourselves, which keeps it more pure."

Lars commented: "A lot of the work we did after the band nearly broke up [during the making of 2003's 'St. Anger'] was not going to be so evident on the record we made at the time, but more evident on the next record, which is the one weré making now. This has been a much more enjoyable experience, much more fun, creatively stimulating and working with Rick is helping a lot."

Ulrich told in October that the band's upcoming album will be "heavier" yet more "melodic" than "St. Anger". Ulrich explained, "Whereas 'St. Anger' was an exercise in over-pummeling the listener, these new songs echo some of our stuff from the '80s '” long, epic journeys through different musical landscapes, heavier, but a lot more melodic." When asked whether the new songs will be shorter, in the four-to-five minute range, Ulrich said, "Well, the most of the intros are four to five minutes. I don't know '” METALLICA and short songs just don't go that well together."

The new METALLICA album is tentatively due in the spring. … emID=86496

#8 The Sunset Strip » ROCK AM RING/ROCK IM PARK Festival » 632 weeks ago

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Anyone going to attend these festivals.

METALLICA, MOTÖRHEAD, NIGHTWISH and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are among the confirmed bands for this year's Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals, set to take place June 6-7 in the German towns of Nürburgring and Nürnberg, respectively. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


More acts will be announced soon. … emID=86221

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » ROB ZOMBIE's 'Halloween' DVD Due This Month » 632 weeks ago

Sorry I did not notice that thread!cant you combine the two or something.Anyway I cant wait for this

#10 The Sunset Strip » ROB ZOMBIE's 'Halloween' DVD Due This Month » 632 weeks ago

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Rob Zombie's DVD of his recent hit remake of "Halloween" is scheduled for release on December 18. Zombie said the package will contain his "unrated" longer cut of the movie, loads of deleted scenes, documentaries and other bonus features. One thing it will not include, however, is the "workprint" version of the movie that leaked online prior to its theatrical release. Zombie told, "I don't know what this bullshit workprint is. Something got online which I never saw...the version from the day that someone decided to steal the movie and put it online is one of the 300 versions we were cutting. So I don't know what that is, but the one on the unrated DVD is not that."

Zombie also confirmed that recent rumors about him directing a remake of Eighties horror film "C.H.U.D." were "100% false," and that his "adult" cartoon, "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto", will be completed in February when he finishes his current tour with OZZY OSBOURNE.

Zombie has not announced what his next live-action feature will be, although he has said it will "not be a horror film."

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