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#1 Re: The Garden » Fantasy Wrestling II » 554 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

For the record, either Communist China or BLS-Pride would be as well trading for Mr. Kennedy before it's too late. I posted an update on his return in the wrestling thread weeks ago, so...

It could be a gamble, but neither of you have much to lose. Anyway, it's first come, first serve...

Gamble you say... lol

#2 Re: The Garden » Fantasy Wrestling II » 567 weeks ago

OVW's no longer a branch of WWE is it?  I thought it was FCW they now associated themselves with.

#3 Re: The Garden » Fantasy Wrestling » 569 weeks ago

"Stoned" or "Hammy" is now "GrizzDotCom" smile

That will cover your needs, extensive results covering back many a decade!

#4 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 571 weeks ago

^ Exactly, hate Cena all you want but he is the biggest merch seller, hence they don't turn him heel, when they eventually do, after all these years, it could be Hogan-esque in shock value, well at least compared to most turns these days.

#5 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 571 weeks ago

^ I have the Special Edition of Wrestlemania III on DVD, it has a fair bit of that SNME stuff  as extras: … Discs.html

#6 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 571 weeks ago

James Lofton wrote:
GrizzDotCom wrote:

Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
Madison Square Garden - November 30, 1991

That would be interesting simply to see how much potential there truly was at the time for that event. Maybe that's why Mcmahon failed to pull the trigger on this dream was attempted at house shows but failed for whatever reason.

Well I'll be getting the DVD when it comes out over here in April, so I'll upload the match to a torrent site for anyone who is interested big_smile

On the subject of Heenan's greatness, I implore anyone to watch the classic 1992 Royal Rumble and argue that Heenan doesn't deserve as much credit as Flair for that match being a classic.

#7 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 571 weeks ago … Discs.html

Great New DVD coming out, they really do know how to use their back catalogue.  Their library is so huge, I know we have often brought up how they blew the potential Hogan vs Flair feud in the early 90s in WWF, but they did meet on house shows and such, and one of these matches, is on the DVD smile

Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
Madison Square Garden - November 30, 1991

As an avid WWE DVD collector, it's the little things like that which are really cool, putting on the stuff you can't find anywhere else, like they also put on:

Intercontinental Championship Match
Diesel vs. Razor Ramon
Superstars – April 13, 1994

International World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Vader
Slamboree – May 22, 1994

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano
Monday Night Raw – April 3, 1995

Stuff with Sting and Vader from WCW, while the guys still had it I always like to see, many forget but before the likes of Beth Phoenix, Awesome Kong and such, Bull Nakano was the big monster heel women, and very good in the ring as far as women go, her matches, from what I remember with Blayze were a treat to watch, and having Diesel's Intercontinental Title win....from an episode of "Superstars", wonderful!

#8 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 574 weeks ago

James Lofton wrote:

Arn Anderson's book is great, but its way too short.

Really? Its not in character is it?  I mean I always liked him as a wrestler, but on these WWE Bio DVDs, guys talk out of character, about "storylines", "angles" etc. and give a great insight, Arn is one of the few that ALWAYS stays in character and talks like the matches were real, and in this day and age, and considering he's the only guy on the DVDs doing it it looks plain crazy, its like he has this obsession with never breaking kayfabe.

#9 Re: The Garden » Old WWF question... » 575 weeks ago

This is the kind of wrestling discussion I'm talking about, great stuff!

1992-1993 was definately a time of huge changes.  Warrior and Bulldog were the sacrificial lambs after the steroid allegations.  The jobbers you mentioned, Repo Man, Bezerker, Kamala etc. were just failed gimmicks (I like them in a wrestlecrap kinda way) so that's why they were canned.  The story with Flair is they told him he was going to be moved out of the World Title picture and down to midcard, and obviously he wasn't happy, and speaking of not happy, Savage wanted to stay an active wrestler so he got pissed with being a Commentator all the time.  I remember one of his last matches was against Crush at WMX, I loved that.

Also with WCW you had the lure of big money.  1992 had some killer feuds and events though.  Start of the year you have one of the best Rumbles of all time when Flair wins, Bobby Heenan on commentary deserves 50% credit for the greatness of that match he was superb as the Flair cheerleader.  The Wrestlemania of that year was "solid", Roddy Piper had probably one of his best ever matches against Bret Hart for the IC Strap in a face vs face battle where Piper resisted going heel.  Savage and Flair had a good one to, as Loften pointed out, it would of made more sense and been better to of had Flair vs Hogan, alas they waited til nobody cared too much, I have their WCW scrap from 1994 (I think?) on DVD and its pretty piss poor. 

Moving on to Summerslam of that year you had what was essentially a two match card (as in every other match stunk).  Bret and Bulldog had a classic in the Main Event, but further down the card, and many forget this one, Savage and Warrior had a classic to, spoiled slightly by a countout ending after Flair and Perfect showed up but I enjoy the hell out of this scrap.

They had the right idea though, you cannot just shelve all your legends in an instance, you have to gradually move them down the card, despite fighting over the World Title the Main Evenit (due to the UK location) had Bulldog and Hart which really put them on show as the future.  By the time Survivor Series came around Hart was Champion and therefore main evented against the NEW IC Champ Shawn Michaels, and as far as "Wrestling" goes, this was probably the best match in their trilogy, another scrap that is often overlooked.  Another match on the card that was good despite a DQ finish was Ramon and Flair vs Savage and Perfect, talking through all this again, 1992 really has to be one of my favourite years.

The years that followed I enjoyed as a kid but looking back now (I've re-bought) most of DVD, 1993-1996 had some godawful stuff.  I suppose when your a kid you enjoy it but having Garbage men and Clowns.

Although speaking of Clowns...Doink...they dropped the ball with him, when he came in as a heel he was without doubt one of the best heels going, the Evil Clown thing worked a treat, the kiddy babyface stuff killed him though.

As for Cena being serious?  I keep wondering how does he pass those drug tests.  Dude is jacked!

Austin using What?  I believed started when he was a heel in 2001 during The ill fated Invasion.  As the leader of The Alliance he often had backstage segments where he'd talk to his watch and say What? and I think he just retained it afterwards when he went face post Invasion.

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