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Re: The Video Game Console Thread

AtariLegend wrote:

Anyone got a stadia, what's the quality like?

Yeah, It's cool. In my opinion it's quite okay to play on. I have been playing for one month and then I had some other tasks and I have discontinued. Overall it's fine.

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Re: The Video Game Console Thread

AtariLegend wrote:
Neemo wrote:

Check out civilization vi

Is Civ 6 better than 5? I still have 3 in the house, 4/5 on steam from years ago.

With 5 the end game just always got tedious. Is 6 any different?

Civ 6 is fun. But, I find with all civ games the ending just isn’t good / fun. Future tech blows.

Also, Bethesda thing is huge on Microsoft’s part.

Problem with the PS5 is I haven’t seen or heard of any 1st party games or actual exclusives to get psyched for. Yeah cool new graphics and stuff. It kind of feels pointless to buy like the new Tony Hawk remaster game when clearly it is going to be ported to the new PS5 or any PS4 games right now.

My sister got me a Nintendo Switch so I could play with my niece during quarantine, and I’m like a big fan of the a Big N again. There are some solid games on the console. Also, love that the pro controller’s battery lasts a long time and that it is made in Germany (the West instead of as usual China).

Haven’t bought an X box since the original. But this Bethesda could do the trick.

I dig Sony but, cross platform crap doesn’t do It for me.

I’ll take the less superior graphic Nintendo Switch any day. Then going back to cartridges works so well, and is full circle.

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