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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

Gunslinger wrote:

2008 came and so did Chinese Democracy but noone could ever have guessed (even the naysayers) at how anti-climatic it would have been.  My biggest shock has simply been the silence.  It's almost as if Axl wants the album to fail. 10

What's done is done.

Now it's 2009, what do you guys expect will happen from here?

Will there be a supporting tour?  Will there be a surge in promotion as a last attempt to improve sales of CD?  Will there be a video?  Will the rest of the songs be released?

....or is this it?  Have we seen all there is to see?

Re: Where Do We Go Now?

I think a video will eventually see the light of day.   I also think they will do a tour at some point, hopefully in 2009. 

I do think that after the vid and the tour, that's it for CD that we'll see.   Hopefully those two things will happen.   I do have a slight fear of both not happening.

Re: Where Do We Go Now?

Sky Dog wrote:

we'll get another album and it wasn't anti climatic for was closure and I don't mind the silence after he did all those chats. It is what it is. Happy New Year.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

Axlin16 wrote:

It's all really weird right now.

GN'R could very easily be prepping a second album, videos, and a tour... OR... could be finished.

Weird position everyone is in right now.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

axlcrazy wrote:

The Video, Tour etc. will happen. Axl is just late as usual. The Album is still hangin in on the charts so the window's not closed yet. Let's hope things will get started before it does close.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

ereeper wrote:

The tour will be overseas.  I hold my breath for album number two in the next 18 months.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

Saikin wrote:

I doubt GNR will be over.  It's just a question of where they're going from here.  There will most likely be a tour.  As for a bunch of album promotion, i'm not expecting it.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

monkeychow wrote:

I don't think much dramatic media wise will happen, but then I wouldn't know if sommething was planned.

I'm hopfull for a 2009 tour (seems plausable) or 2010 tour and to hear more of the new songs live. If that happens I only hope there's some apperances that are pro-shot - like at a festival or something. Imagine a pro-shot live video of TWAT or Shackler's or something...i'd really be into that.

In the longer term I'm looking forward to hearing the second half of the 'double album' type thing. Right now is enjoying these songs being out in the public and listening to the new material and hopefully seeing some of it live, but then, as with any artist, I'll start looking forward to new music. But I don't have a time frame in mind for when that will happen cos i imagine some wait will be involved.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

James wrote:

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if videos, a media blitz,etc. is being saved for a reissue of the album this year. They can let it ride its current wave and hope for that second wind when the reissue comes out. Not many second winds happen in this era, but its certainly possible.

If Lollapalooza happens this year, Axl should make an attempt at being the headliner. A festival like that would do wonders. Might not cause a huge increase in album sales, but it will expose GNR to a crowd that might not have gave it a chance otherwise.

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Re: Where Do We Go Now?

sic. wrote:

Headlining a Perry Farrel festival with Dave Navarro as the new lead guitarist?

Sorry, just had to say it. Lolla's pencilled for August, so it'd be good business to do away all those European festivals in June/July before launching a US run there.

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