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Re: The Mist (SPOILERS)

It's not about feeling good, because it could have ended the different ways that I had mentioned in my first post about it, that wouldn't make you feel good but you would have some sort of feeling toward the character, that feeling towards his character was created throughout the moive,  that what he did at the end was something he had to do even if the Mist left immediately, if he let the girl and son live, he then did something that made his character worth all that he fought for throughout the movie, this ending made that character and all of them so worthless after all that, after they built them up throughout the movie, makes some people feel jipped, doesn't have to be a feel good feeling but they could have ended it differently, if the Mist stayed and it ended like this, totally more acceptable.   Even if it ended like the book, would have been more acceptable, it ending with you thinking in your own mind what could have happened, thats what made the story so great, I can't see how it wouldn't have made the movie great as well.

I was looking up reviews to see what the take was on this and it's split.   Here is a Village Voice review that is exactly what I am trying to explain.

All this would be disappointing, but not infuriating, if the film's ending weren't so unforgivably bad. Darabont abruptly abandons his master's text in the movie's final minutes, sending Drayton and his little boy a plot twist that wouldn't be fair to reveal, but which is so distasteful and untrue to all that's come before it as to be a slap in the face to characters and audience alike. The last word in King's story was "hope," and while Darabont certainly has the right to head in the opposite direction'”in our own monster-filled world, happy endings are harder than ever to buy'”he does so in a manner that's both pretentious and cruel. The Mist made me want to scream, but for all the wrong reasons,w … 10,20.html.

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Re: The Mist (SPOILERS)

Gunslinger wrote:
Jameslofton wrote:

Well, this story isn't supposed to make you feel good. I wish you could have read the novella before watching the movie. This is a doomsday story. Nothing good is supposed to happen. No explanation, no real purpose. Mankind is thrown into a unexplainable nightmare, and its about how these people in a small town deal with it.

EXACTLY.  The Mist is on a very grand scale of "we are fucked now" that doesn't have a light side.  Even the ending in the book's most optimistic possibility (my "half-full approach again) is still a hope with no real hope.  The world is basically gone within a 24 hour period...there is no going back.  This ending works with the tone of the novella.

Jameslofton wrote:

I completely missed any Dark Tower reference. What part of the film did they show it?

I believe it may have been in the book as well and therefore exists the possibility I'm just being giddy and "reading too much into it" but it was the painting that the lead character has been working on that is destroyed during the opening storm sequence of The Mist.  It is a painting of Roland Deschain (hero character of The Dark Tower series) in a movie poster format.  I was hoping this was a subtle hint that the Dark Tower may be coming soon.  If anyone really wants to read King at his best read this series, in particular The Dark Tower II (The Drawing of the Three),  The Dark Tower IV (Wizard and Glass - my personal favorite) and The Dark Tower VII (the final self-titled installment of the series).

Randall Flagg
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Re: The Mist (SPOILERS)

The Dark Tower is the greatest set of works I have ever read.  These books changed my life.

Hell, two people in this thread alone have their handles named after the two most important characters in the King Universe and thus Dark Tower.

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Re: The Mist (SPOILERS)

James wrote:

The Weinstein Company and Genius Entertainment have announced the DVD specs for THE MIST, which arrives in a two-disc Collector's Edition and a single-disc release March 25.

The most unusual feature on the double-disc set is an exclusive black-and-white presentation of the film (as befits its retro-monster-movie veneer) to go with the full-color widescreen transfer (with Dolby 5.1 sound).

Other extras that will appear on both editions are:

'¢ Audio commentary by writer/director Frank Darabont
'¢ Eight deleted scenes with optional commentary
'¢ A Conversation With Stephen King and Frank Darabont featurette

Exclusive to the Collector's Edition are:

'¢ When Darkness Came: The Making of THE MIST featurette
'¢ Taming the Beast: Shooting Scene 35 featurette
'¢ Monsters Among Us: A Look at the Creature FX featurette
'¢ The Horror of It All: The Visual FX of THE MIST featurette
'¢ Drew Struzan: Appreciation of an Artist featurette

Retail price will be $32.95 for the Collector's Edition and $29.95 for the single disc.


Definitely gonna check this out.  Mainly for the black and white version of the film.

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