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Re: Alice In Chains

Axlin16 wrote:

No, I didn't catch that video. But I don't know after hearing this if i'm rushing for the next one at the same time. After four years, I thought it was gonna be BGWTB II, and not quite.

I'm hoping for more risk-taking on the next record with DuVall, and possibly some collaborations to breathe a little new life into some of the songs, like a Cornell collab (even though I think he was exclusively Layne's friend), or possibly something else. It wouldn't hurt to bring in a writer to take the load off of Jerry.

Now if it just comes down to Jerry's ego, someone might need to tell him to back off. But Jerry doesn't come across as an ego-case to me. I think he truely IS the only writer in the band. I think he was always that guy, until Layne became more comfortable around the mid-90's writing, and by then he was in decline.

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Re: Alice In Chains … enty-three

There ya go!

From what I hear Jerry seems like a really nice guy; so yeah I don't see an ego trip either within the current lineup. Oh yeah I'm open to them doing some risk taking with Will. I thought his playing and vocals sounded great within these new songs. Still needs to be shaken up abit. He sings the hits and the current material great live from what I've seen online; but I need to see it in person to truly get it. My friend's older bro saw them live a few weeks ago and I've yet to ask him on what he thought from some of the performances he was able to catch that day.

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Re: Alice In Chains

Neemo wrote:

just got to see these guys again last Friday

10th row stage right, was pretty awesome ... ended up being Layne's birthday so they played Nutshell

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Re: Alice In Chains

FlashFlood wrote:

Bumping this thread because of the shows with GnR.

Love this band. GnR and AIC are my top 2 of all time. Definitely skeptical when William came on board but I was glad the guys started playing together again.

New material is strong. Some of my favorite tracks are Last of My Kind and Private Hell from Black Gives Way to Blue, and Pretty Done, Low Ceiling, and Breath on a Window from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

For what it's worth No Excuses is my favorite song of all time.

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Re: Alice In Chains

PaSnow wrote:

Yeah they were a phenomenal band.  Totally great & definitely original. Their sound aged well over time too.  They definitely sound like a legacy band, something like Hendrix or The Doors where you kinda wish you lived thru them.  For those of us who are old enough we're fortunate we did.

They did come back strong with William.  Admittedly I wasn't a fan of them keeping the AIC name at first but that first (and 2nd) album seemed solid so I concede it's a respectful tribute to keep it.

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Re: Alice In Chains

Axlin16 wrote:

William is touch and go for me, but I still love them dearly.

It's gonna be a real trip to see my two favorite bands play together.

Anybody know if Cantrell has made any movement on the new AIC album? Last I heard he was writing songs, but we're going on three years now since Devil Put Dinos Here.

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