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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

AtariLegend wrote:

Just over a year ago, the band played the Troubadour. Axl, Slash and Duff on stage together for the first time in decades. This site was the most active it had been in years, various posters from yester-year making a return. Coverage of the band at an all time high since the 90's. The band went on to play stadiums around the world in front of massive crowds.

It wasn't a new album, but it was what most of you wanted right? Axl and Slash putting everything aside for the chance to get paid ridiculous amounts of money and I guess their legacy.

Then... the forum just kind of went back to being empty. Everyone that returned, vanished swiftly. This isn't the worst period in Evo/ROVs history (there was one worse period that's best forgot), but it's like the story had climaxed.

In fairness what is there to look forward to? You can't talk about a possible reunion anymore and Slash's return almost certainly consigned the vault we never heard to the depths with no conceivable chance of it ever seeing light.

Sure there wasn't many interviews (there were a few involving Axl/Duff ect. that never got posted here with plenty of mainstream coverage), but there was plenty of talking points in relation to for example the attendance figures/revenue and money the band that I put in the Nightrain thread and kept up to date... no one seemed to care though.

I in the end at one point had to take a break mid point through the tour from posting the concert threads. I was gone a few days, what happened? No one posted a discussion for the next show, then the next one. Eventually a thread popped up for a random show afterwards, however that was it. I personally decided if people didn't care enough, why should I bother keep posting all the set-list threads. The band played multiple legs around the world since, you'd never think if you only came here though.

Look I'm going to be perfectly honest too, there's a moderator here that spends more time on another forum and even posted articles/interviews ect. over there, but not here. Things like that happened and perhaps are best kept separate from this thread, but it seems like it's helped speed up the forums demise. Social media might have explained dwindling numbers, but it didn't explain people returning after almost a decade to just vanish again after a few shows.

This isn't supposed to be a discussion on the state of the forum!

Did you guys yourself get what you wanted? Those of you that remain that is.

One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

Yes 28%
No 72%
Total votes: 25
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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

esoterica wrote:

I wanted Chinese Democracy II.

Yesterdays got nothin' for me.

Smoking Guns
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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

Smoking Guns wrote:

I got what I wanted in many aspects. But I still want much more. Proper press. Allowing Slash to speak. Some official releases. New music. More Adler. Izzy on any level. All that said, what we got was incredible!  Got to see 3 GNR shows. Was so awesome.

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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

Neemo wrote:

I dont know what i want from this band anymore...probably nothing...i didn't even try to get tickets when they came to Toronto last year...maybe I'm just too old to care anymore 16

Busy with work, busy with family ... New and old hobby's have taken place of my GnR hobby ...its hard to keep up with interest when there is little to no payoff

I mean good for them that they patched shit up...but I had already lost interest ages ago...too late for me unfortunately

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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

mitchejw wrote:

I feel a bit guilty saying no because there was a time when I would have begged for it.

Truth is...if they come back to the US I'll go again. But I was too young for the original line up...this just seemed to have minimal impact.

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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

Nope. I want new music. I mean c'mon already ffs.

Smoking Guns
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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

Smoking Guns wrote:

They are milking this cow with little milk left. Give us some new shit damnit!

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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

James wrote:

Due to that cancer scare basically paralyzing me, I didn't go to a show but will on the next go around.

The thing I wanted the most was an album release of some sort....even if just a 2 cd compilation with various demos or live tracks.

Technically GNR is my favorite band but I'm wading near Neemo's boat....I'm just not that interested anymore. I'm too old for fanboy mode of watching tons of vids from each show and following set lists every night.

Here's how I follow GNR's tour:

Every couple months or so, I'll search a recent show on youtube but ONLY the title track to CD. I'll listen to that and see if they nail it, and if I'm in the mood, I'll click one or two other vids rcommended on the side. End of following tour.

If/when they release something....I'll buy it. If they release bonus tracks on different formats, I'll buy that too. Other than that, I'm not following it to the nerdish depths of yesteryear where I check for updates every five minutes for something either not happening or happening far in the distance.

Soundgarden is releasing an album later this year......many believe it will be their final album/tour as some believe Cornell is going to pull the Audioslave reunion card next year.

That's where my music interest is. Its something that's really going to happen....just don't know the actual date. I don't even post at a Soundgarden forum or follow them on social media. I just check the official site a couple times a month.

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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

Ragnar wrote:

I want new music. I don`t give a fuck about lineups. Axl and Slash, main ticket sellers, are there. Izzy and especially Steven don`t matter that much for average Joes.

With this reunion, regroupering call whatever you want, Axl made it absolutely clear who the boss is and who calls all the shots that matter. Well done Axl, now give us something.

A Private Eye
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Re: One Year Later - Did you get what you wanted?

I've got a show in June I'm excited to see, seeing Axl, Slash and Duff on stage together was something I never thought I'd see live.

I think the reason many returned and then drifted again was that while the characters had changed and old favourites returned it was the same old CD era plot. Virtual media silence, the guy everyone wanted to see back in the band hasn't said a peep in the year he's been back. New music seems like it's a dirty word with this band, a tid-bit every 6 months from Fortus about throwing ideas around. It's all too familiar and takes people back to a darker time.

I firmly believe we will see new AC/DC music with Axl before we get any new GNR material.

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