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Randall Flagg
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Re: The Irishman

An amazing film. DeNiro will get the Oscar for this.

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Re: The Irishman

James wrote:

I gotta watch this. Only reason I put it off is it's almost four hours long. I might watch it this weekend.

The few reviews I read really rave on Pesci's performance too.

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Re: The Irishman

Declan94 wrote:

still to watch it but i have heard good things about it

Re: The Irishman

Sky Dog wrote:

Awesome. All 3 are great..Pesci, Deniro and Pacino.

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Re: The Irishman

jimmythegent wrote:

Next level amazing!

I watched at the cinema and have watched twice on Netflix.

All the cast are fantastic but Pesci in particular shines in a very different type of role for him

Right up there with Goodfellas and Casino for me

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Re: The Irishman

wasted wrote:

I enjoyed it, seems fitting last Scorsese movie. It’s been criticized for just being the same old thing. But I felt it was different in being more melancholy. There wasn’t as much heads in vices.

I read I hear You Paint Houses so I was more aware of the story. I’m not sure the audience got that he was admitting to killing Hoffa who “disappeared”. Also he admits to delivering guns to fly to Dallas for the JFK hit. That also wasn’t obvious in the movie. In the book there is no doubt the mob hit JFK. It was more Bobby they wanted dead but you cut off the head. But Scorsese steered it to more about the personal story.

I think people wanted a Goodfellas but they got a slower more meditative film, still Scorsese but not all guns blazing. Much more like the banality of evil. Kind of like Stone’s Heaven and Earth.

Also thought Trump must take something from Hoffa’s style. The slogans and hats.

I just love the way Scorsese films stuff. Like that shot as the son goes up the steps. The way the car drives across the screen.

I could watch it again. It’s what it is.

Not sure DeNiro was good casting as the Irishman, he looks more like Jon Voight but still DeNiro was good. Pesci was alright, played that Bufalino role good. Pacino was good as Hoffa it seemed.

It didn’t show much of Sheeran’s drinking or much of how these guys lived. The big thing was dipping bread in wine. Not exactly Miami Vice.

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Re: The Irishman

Wagszilla wrote:

I finally got a chance to watch it.

In a sea of CGI blockbusters and one-note propaganda, it was so refreshing to watch this.

I was more into Pesci's performance than DeNiro's. I could've done with a little more on DeNiro's character but it worked.

Good stuff from Marty.

I'm betting Best Picture goes to "Once Upon A Time..." but this is the real winner.

Re: The Irishman

Sky Dog wrote:

I haven’t seen Once Upon A Time yet. sad

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Re: The Irishman

Neemo wrote:

Onceuponatime is killer

Watching irishman right now

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Re: The Irishman

wasted wrote:

It is really Marty’s take on what the mob really is. There’s no restaurants or partying in this movie. No jokes. No glorification. Maybe it’s unconscious, like just the final chapter of the series. Sure there are fun goodfellas times but in the end they are left with nothing. Kind of old guy stuff.

It’s weird because the movie isn’t the reality, it’s Sheeran’s memories. Everything is a flashback. It taints the movie. Who knows at the time he might have enjoyed it. There’s also part of story in the book where he saying he was basically a Vietnam vet with ptsd. He was desensitized or messed by it. Killing wasn’t something that bothered him really.

Best picture for Unce Upon a Time seems unlikely because of the Polanski connection. What is Tarantino saying here? The movie is in some way about friendship? It’s a little risky. It’s Weinstein in one house, Ben Affleck is Dalton and Tarantino is Brad Pitt saving them both from the Hollywood vigilantes. Mansons posse is like SJWs.

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