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Re: A personal matter I could use advice with...

misterID wrote:

Lawsuits hardly ever are, dude. It just takes up so much of your life, and you live in your own little reality, it can easily consume you. Be glad it's over. It's also important you won. Glad to hear it!

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Re: A personal matter I could use advice with...

Aussie wrote:

Congrat's on winning, hopefully it gives you the opportunity to try and start putting some of it behind you now.  I hope the financial impact of the whole situation is not too bad!!

Good to know you won though, hopefully that gives you a bit of validation that you weren't the problem or the crazy one.  Sadly there are just some shit people in life that have no good in them and they just take advantage of other people regardless of the cost and impact.

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Re: A personal matter I could use advice with...

mitchejw wrote:

I wish I could know or feel what it felt like on the other side. It's a big enough bill to fuckin' sting...

But my wife and family suffered so much to get here....since I began the lawsuit...

I got married....had a kid....started 3 other businesses....

I'm so happy my life can start again but man I gotta acknowledge the cost....I feel like a woman who claimed to be raped except it was probably easier for me.

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