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Re: NFL 2019

mitchejw wrote:
James wrote:

The time to "trade the farm" and give away their future with years of draft picks was over a decade ago when they were an elite QB away from becoming a dynasty.

A killer D, Thomas Jones, and Devin Hester  but all they have to show for it is one Superbowl loss?!?

That's a travesty.

I still can't believe that even a single person in the organization thought Rex Grossman was the answer.

Well the sorta did do that with Cutler. While Jays stats were solid he was no winner. Not sure he even beat Green Bay once.

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Re: NFL 2019

slashsfro wrote:

I'm late on this but the Bears solution to their qb issue (for 2020) anyway was to sign a maybe over the hill Andy Dalton?  Sounds like another
7  to 9 win season in CHI.

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Re: NFL 2019

PaSnow wrote:

Wow, saw some buzz and tweets about him, didnt know the story. I figured he was staying in Dallas behind Dak.

Chicago better have something else in the works.

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Re: NFL 2019

James wrote:

As I've said before, the Bears have morphed into what the Lions were in the 90s...a shit organization top to bottom that doesn't have the slightest clue what it is doing.

I don't know what they are going to do. Moves like this aren't going to excite the fan base. It did the opposite.

Like slashsfro just said, it'll be a 7-9 or 8-8 season and then it's on to the next bad decision.

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Re: NFL 2019

Wagszilla wrote:

Cutler beat Green Bay a handful of times.

He was better then but the Bears had their dominant defense. Rodgers was still figuring it out with a suspect roster but yeah the last 20 years the rivalry has balanced out.

Bears personnel people are the biggest problem. I’m not sure where they’re picking them from but if you’re in the Midwest, you’d rather go to Green Bay. If you’re from the coasts you go to LA/SF/SEA or New England. Historically anyway.

And as much as Nagy is Chicago’s Mike McCarthy, not very good and oftentimes boneheaded, if he had good personnel people he’d be serviceable. Not enough to get to a Super Bowl but they’d be competitive.

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