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Re: More leaks soon?

Will wrote:
Spanish hoarder wrote:

Maybe, CD is coming soon...

Welcome to the board Spanish Hoarder smile

No hoarders allowed here so please upload any songs you're hoarding and we'll let ya stay 16

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Re: More leaks soon?

faldor wrote:
strat0 wrote:

One thing that is surprising me, and this is just my point of view please don't go off on me for this, but how can any of you make any of these comments on 11 out of 70 songs? We haven't even heard a quarter of the songs and already people are saying it's nothing groundbreaking, or earthshattering. Can't you see? This is earthshattering! This project has used up 15 mill! 14
Seriously though, None of us have heard some of the more epic songs from this. For all we know(Axl said it and I believe it) this is FILLER  Show me a few albums that have filler as good as these songs.

I didn't hear, or read, Axl calling the tracks filler.  I have read some posts about how Axl laughed at the leaks though, along the lines that the quality was poor and they were clearly demos and nowhere near the finished product.  I do remember TWAT, Better, and The Blues being mentioned by Axl in an article as some of his favorites.  So while they may not be among the best of the bunch, they seem to be in his eyes.

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Re: More leaks soon?

gnfnraxl wrote:

Tommy Stinson has called the album earth shattering and epic.  Brain said that it was "Their Zeppelin 2".  Can't remember what Dick and Dizzy said about nor do I care to remember.  Of all the tracks we've heard thus far I really liked Catcher in the Rye and Chinese Democracy.  Catcher has a Beatlesque sound I really liked.  CD is as good as any other GNR songs.  The rest of them.  While I wouldn't say they suck, they are not "earth shattering" nor "epic" nor "Zeppelin 2" like quality.  And they wouldn't have made the cut to be on AFD and they definitely DO NOT hold up to AFD.  And I will say that if what we've heard thus far is the album.  They will get a lot of "We waited 14 years for this?"  It's not horrible music.  Compared to the other crap we get from other bands today what Axl was able to come up with is not bad at all.  But it's nothing to get excited about.  Just ordinary music.  That's how I see it anyways.  So yeah I think people will be disappointed IF the album comes out and it will not get awesome reviews basicalyy because we were promised music that would be revolutianizing and all we got was overproduced songs that are barely better than the rest of the other bands.

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Re: More leaks soon?

James wrote:
Saikin wrote:
James Lofton wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

Shackler's better be a higher quality song or you can kiss any interest outside of the boards goodbye when the album comes out.  This is a huge gamble...I can't believe nobody recognizes this.

Oh, I recognize it. Other than the album, its another elephant in the room. Its the "Oh My God" test again. Instead of letting the album itself stand on its own meits, they are "testing the waters" again with one song.

Even if Shackler's sucks, the whole world should lie and say its great just so he might release the damn thing.

To be honest, what are the chances of Shackler's Revenge sucking?  Small chance this time.  Especially when we take into acount who wrote it.

I cant put a percentage on how much it kicks ass or sucks until I've heard it. I thought the last Praxis album was gonna be good until I heard it. Bucket doesn't have the midas touch.

I know its safe to assume that Shackler's Revenge is gonna kick ten tons of ass, but I thought the same thing with Oh My God. I was literally shocked when listening to the End of Days soundtrack song by song and realizing the one track I was looking forward to on it was the worst track on the disc.

Its better to take a "wait and see" approach with this track. It could be the strongest track from the sessions, or Oh My God part II. Could go either way.

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Re: More leaks soon?

DCK wrote:

Im definetely waiting and seeing, although I doubt we're in for another Oh My God. They've had 9 years to correct that mistake, I'm sure at least one of them came up with something better. Haha.

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Re: More leaks soon?

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: More leaks soon?

Mikkamakka wrote:

Rust you're right, that's what Axl said. I wanna repeat what someone else wrote: when Axl said in 2006 that his favourite songs are The Blues, Better and TWAT, then you shouldn't expect these to be "fillers". They were working on 32 songs (26 were nearly done 16) then. These are the best of the bunch, and I agree with Axl (based on what we've heard so far): add Chinese Democracy and get rid of the cheese in Blues, and we'll have the 4 best songs.

CD will not be a bad album, I hope it'll be good (although I repeat it: less cheese, please!), but for sure the material they've been working on is far from earth-shattering. Well, I'm happier with mind-blowing albums then forgettable good enough albums, but when you're working on something for more than a decade, it's better be mind-blowing. You (with Axl's talent) can easily release a good enough album in every 3 years. But with all the money spent on this record, even a deaf and dumb guy could make a good enough album in 10+ years.

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Re: More leaks soon?

strat0 wrote:

Really? We've already heard every epic track mentioned since 1997. Unless there's some super secret epic songs I don't know about yet. This project is to the point where unheard shit's getting named. Where are those epics mentioned all these years??

On your Itunes playlist.

Hrm....Hey James I just looked through my iTunes library, and guess what? I couldn't find This I Love, Sorry, or Prostitute(maybe) anywhere.

Seriously though, what makes you think we've heard every great track there is? Axl said in an interview that they were working on around 60 songs so i mean there are probably alot better songs. Shackler must be pretty good if it's the first single. Like I said before. This is a waiting game. And as Axl said, he's saving his big guns for last. Now whether he means we won't here those until CD drops or if those will be on the second or third album we don't know yet.

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Re: More leaks soon?

Axlin16 wrote:

I'm expecting something in-between Oh My God & Chinese Democracy with Shackler's Revenge.

Communist China
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Re: More leaks soon?

Sorry hasn't been called 'epic' by anyone but Baz who would call a rocker epic.

The titles of songs that have been given 'epic' expectations by fans, band members, and those who've heard the music, are genrally considered to be Axl's faves (Better, TWAT, The Blues), Madagascar (although I don't have any quotes to back this up, it's prescence at the VMAs tells you something), Prostitute (which may be Song 2), This I Love. Maybe The General, but I don't think so.

So we have possibly 6 of the 7 most praised epic tracks and of course we can judge from that batch.

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