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Re: Libertad Fails - Will nuGNR follow?

buzzsaw wrote:
russtcb wrote:
A Private Eye wrote:

A good first single is what sells albums. Admittedly other factors come into too such as the artist or the anticipation for the album but as a general rule a good first single is what will set the ball rolling better than anything. VR didn't have one on Libertad, hence the poor sales.

I definitely think the was the A1 contribution factor on the Libertad issue.

I agree.  I usually don't even listen to that song when I listen to the album.

Re: Libertad Fails - Will nuGNR follow?

Libertard was a failure because its weak and a shit album with mediocre songs.     The Chinese D material so far has all been leagues ahead so I don't feel it will suffer the same fate.

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Re: Libertad Fails - Will nuGNR follow?

monkeychow wrote:

I view it like this:

I dunno if i'd say the CD meterial has been "leagues ahead" as what we have is 5 awesome songs (better, twat, catcher, maddy, and CD). But then if you consider the 2 slash solo records, and both VR albums theres easily 5 fantasic songs there too. All i'm saying is it doesnt seem logical to rate them against each other to me until we have a similar level of output from both artists. As if you consider say 70 songs of each then we'd see on average who makes what. But at the end of the day its all subjective anyway. Thats the point of music - to touch people. So who can say what is good and not.

Anyway the real reason i dont wanna get into a CD vs VR thing is that i love both bands.

I will say this though:

There is a percentage of people who would buy ANY release from other VR or GNR due to fandom. (haha...i'm prob one of those people).

GNR is a MUCH bigger brand than VR and hense would have more of those type of fans.

For this reason - REGARDLESS OF QUALITY - that is even if CD was absolute garbage - i would expect GNR (the new lineup) 2nd Album to do better than VR's 2nd - simply due to the fact that theres more GNR fans than there is VR fans. I think anything released under the GNR banner will sell enough on reputation alone not to "fail" is where i'm headed with this.

As for libertad...i don't understand the hate from everyone, its not my favourite album from these guys, but it has some cool songs on it - like "Let it Roll" in particular rocked my world!

I will say that i think in general to me it seems like VR is too much Scott driven and not enough Slash, and i'm not sure Dave is the best foil for Slash's work. But thats not to say I don't like them cos I sure do.

I think libertad has been harmed by bad choice of singles also. To my ear they've picked the 2 blander tunes to release. But i guess thats a personal prefrence thing.

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Re: Libertad Fails - Will nuGNR follow?

jac185 wrote:
Jimmy Zig Zag Bobiadis wrote:

Libertard was a failure because its weak and a shit album with mediocre songs

But people don't buy albums based on the strength of the album as a whole. Its based on name, promotion, singles and so on. Word of mouth regarding an albums quality doesn't really come in until a little bit later. The vast proportion of CD sales will happen in the first month or so due to the hype it would generate (combined i assume with a strong single).

Chinese Democracy will have alot more promotion than any second GNR record will just because of the nature of the album.

Just as Contraband had the GNR MEETS STP!!!! free publicity (combined with strong singles, other promotion etc).

So i don't think Libertads failure indicates too much towards the success of CD.

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Re: Libertad Fails - Will nuGNR follow?

RussTCB wrote:


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