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#1 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Izzy Stradlin & Matt Sorum collaborate on new track F.P. Money » 420 weeks ago

James Lofton wrote:

I'm really surprised this hasn't hit Itunes. While I went away from the GNR communities for a few years and didn't keep up with current events, I know Izzy used to release his music straight to Itunes.

It's up on Amazon mp3 because I just bought it.  I heard at one point that it takes like a week and a half once you've submitted something to itumes for it to go live.  I don't know if that's true or not, but it would make sense as to why this isn't up there yet.  Walkin Song is though.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » What's your dream song inclusion for these shows? » 430 weeks ago

I don't know.  It was a B-side for Believe In Me.  If there's info out there about who's on it I haven't found it.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » What's your dream song inclusion for these shows? » 430 weeks ago

evader wrote:
PaSnow wrote:
PaSnow wrote:

A cover song we've never heard them do before.

Purple Rain.

A Prince cover would be a nice tribute to one of the all-time greats. I wouldn't be opposed at all.

I'm sure this will put me in the smallest minority possible, but I'd like to get "It Tastes Good, Don't It" again - the rock version. It would be easy for Axl to sing, and the entire world truly needs to experience the beauty of this song. I'd kill a small animal for a studio version.

Other than that, I've heard the rest of what they are playing. All I want is new music.

One of the first things I said when I heard about Prince was I wonder if GNR has time to work out Duff's cover of Bambi for the Duff sings song for Coachella on Saturday.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tommy is out(?) » 461 weeks ago

James Lofton wrote:

Is he performing GNR songs like Ron does on tour? tongue I wouldn't mind seeing Tommy if he'd come to my area. I'd really love to meet him and talk to him for a few minutes.  Not about this but about bucket

Didn't really like or care about Tommy much until those leaks. Has a great tone on some of those songs. He also shed a lot of light on the making of CD in some of those interviews.

we'll miss ya.   tommy

I'm pretty sure you're joking, but there wasn't even a sniff of GNR except for that quick mention.  I don't think he even referenced Frank as being "from GNR" when he introduced him. 

I'm not very familiar with his stuff so I don't know for sure what it all was.  I think it was all his solo stuff and I was told the last two songs were from his band Bash & Pop that he put together after the Replacements.  It was a really good rock show though.

I was pretty disappointed in myself for not sticking around to try to chat with him for a bit, but the set didn't end until after midnight and I had to get up for work at 5.  I beat feet as soon as I was sure they were done playing.  Funnily enough at one point earlier in the night I was standing right beside Frank and didn't put together who he was, but thought he looked familiar.  I just assumed he was one of the people I see at a lot of local shows.

You mentioned his tone, that wouldn't really come into account because he was playing guitar not bass.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tommy is out(?) » 461 weeks ago

I actually saw Tommy in a coffeeshop Monday night (Frank was his drummer too).  For whatever it's worth he said from the stage, "I was in a band called Weapons And Roses".  I don't know if past tense really counts in an offhand obviously at least partially joking from the way he said it remark from stage, but he for sure said "was".

#6 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Izzy interview Reverbnation » 570 weeks ago

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought IzzyDutch was Will.

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » john fogerty: i wrote a song for everyone » 582 weeks ago

BLS-Pride wrote:
metallex78 wrote:

Honestly, I thought John Fogerty's parts were the worst part of the song. Seems like he has lost his voice.

Dave Grohl sounds great though!

I was thinking that but didn't wanna say it. 16

I'll go ahead and third that. 

I'm actually pretty disappointed by that fact too.  I was hoping this album would be really good.  If this song is any indication I would say they'll be a lot of wishing it was just a CCR tribute album.

Edit:  Actually, I hadn't seen the list of artists, I just heard it was happening.  Now that I look at the people that article lists, I really don't care much about the album at all.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Sweet Child in The Office finale » 583 weeks ago

Me_Wise_Magic wrote:

Micheal showing up was very sincere

That part just baffled me.  How do you bring back Carrell and not give him a joke?

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Gary Clark Jr. aka Mr. Blues Man » 584 weeks ago

I'm torn on this guy.  When it's good, it's really good. There is plenty there that isn't very good too though.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Bob Ezrin talks Axl and Chinese » 584 weeks ago

I'm kinda late to the party here, and I only skimmed a lot of the posts so if this has been touched on already sorry.

Thinking about this, a lot of what Ezrin is saying is damn close to what Rick Rubin said when he was turned away from producing what would become Libertad.  It's pretty telling that both sides of the GNR coin weren't willing to compromise even if it was in their best interest. 

I'll say exactly now what I said about Velvet Revolver then, just substitute the new name:  When a guy like Bob Ezrin tells you you need to do more writing, you need to do more writing.

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