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Bono Thoughts On "Excuses"

I think you're right. CD was the lead off cause it was called Chinese Democracy.

+ 812 weeks ago
Communist China Removed or deleted

Thanks! Looks like some very cool stuff there.

+ 816 weeks ago
PaSnow Gay Aiken?

Karma for the reference.

+ 821 weeks ago
Neemo The silence on the eve of RB2 is deafening!

too true big_smile

+ 823 weeks ago
Neemo the gnrevolution discography: its finally ready for some comments

the teddy zig zag album info

+ 825 weeks ago
James Velvet Revolver Still Mulling New Frontman

Corabi info.

+ 826 weeks ago
monkeychow Removed or deleted

Metallica soundboard link

+ 827 weeks ago
James 10 Artists Who Should Stop Making Records

agreed. Never understood the appeal.

+ 830 weeks ago
Neemo Your opinion on this remark from another poster at another forum

haha frank farting on a snare drum

+ 831 weeks ago
PaSnow The Ultimate Showdown #4

For sticking up for St Anger, it isn't great, but they tried. And I don't think it's that bad either

+ 831 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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