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misterID The battle of Wisconsin-labor unions

good post

+ 653 weeks ago
Neemo Happy New Year from Axl/GN'R

good post

+ 713 weeks ago
Gong Re-emergance of Axl Rose

F Jarmo

+ 720 weeks ago
Olorin Axl Rose Insists Original Guns N' Roses Lineup Is Dead and Buried

Damn straight

+ 759 weeks ago
Communist China In the Wake of a 100-0 Win, a Texas Coach Loses His Job

haha i like ur posts in that thread

+ 763 weeks ago
slashsfro Old WWF question...

Good discussion topic

+ 767 weeks ago
Axlin16 What did you expect?

speakin' da truth

+ 771 weeks ago
James Classic Rock just through my door...

good points

+ 803 weeks ago
James The NFL 2008 Offseason Thread

Great post.

+ 810 weeks ago
James Top 10 Running backs of all time elimination- Nominations

no Bo Jackson??

+ 830 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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