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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » check this guy out... » 461 weeks ago

AL!VE wrote:

OOOOOOO DDEEEEEEARRRR GOD!!! this guy is not lying he's telling the truth it's incredible he played to me over the phone 30 sec of Checkmate and The General it is amazing gooooooooodd!!!

you liar i never thought that i will be posting again but i can't stand this kind of shit.. 17

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Where is the Better Video..? » 474 weeks ago

Im not POSTING anymore .l. big_smile this site is full of really pessimist people and if you hate the fucking band and you have no hopes on it just dont post in this site


after six pages you still dont know why im NOT POSTING look at what youre saying PLEASE

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Where is the Better Video..? » 474 weeks ago

i think that if they re-release CD it would have less sales and everyone gonna think that theyre assholes  but only for diehards it would cool and only they are gonna buy it  and then things are gonna to get worse...

#4 Guns N' Roses » Where is the Better Video..? » 474 weeks ago

Replies: 170
Axl wrote:


Axl wrote:

In a week or so

What happend with the video? There isn't any news about it or anything, the whole thing seems like be lost somewhere.
4 or 5 months ago he said that it would be out in 1 week or so...
Everybody knows that Axl's weeks are years in real life but nothing except about the whole Lars thing was said about it: wrote:

December 30, 2008


Lars isn't holding anything up with our video. Our message board comments were meant casually, in fun and amongst friends.

Unfortunately someone with Roadrunner and or Blabbermouth may have taken things a bit out of context and made them into a bit more than they are in reality. Our apologies to anyone who may have been confused. We hope to have our video out shortly.

Thank you.


We appreciate your understanding,

Guns N' Roses

what about it?
it would ever see the light of the day or it would be buried forever?
what are you thinking?
we just have to sit and wait 10 years for it?



#6 Re: The Garden » Domino's Pizza - now with boogers and farts » 475 weeks ago

These are a pair of *!"$·*$!"·$%*%"%$&(%)"%&/)*/··/·$/%$/*($/%/·/*ç"$·$"$·$/*"$"·/·%$%&*·$&$&/*$·&*&·$*·$%&&·/*/·&*/%·$·$/·%"&&$"&:headbang:%"//*"%"%·%"%/)==%&·$**%·$%·%*·$&·$&%*·&$&·&·$&*!!!!!!!!!

Sorry had to tell it 16

Axlin08 wrote:

Actually these jackasses proved why they are in their 30's and working at a Domino's Pizza.


#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Chinese Democracy/Rock Band 2 (Tracks Leaking?) » 475 weeks ago

Axlin08 wrote:

I'd get the "How Are You Grenade" cover as a tattoo, but nothing else.

maybe with a skeleton holding the granade 9

#9 Re: GNRevolution Madness » GnREvolution Music Madness - Round 1, Battle 21 » 475 weeks ago

he Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze

do you have to ask?? Hendrix is "GOD"

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Chinese Democracy/Rock Band 2 (Tracks Leaking?) » 475 weeks ago

you notice that in 'Riad N' The Bedouins' the lyrics go:
Riad N' The Bedouins had a plan
and thought they win
but i don't give a -silence- about them
cos' Im crazy...
they  chop off the word -fuck- they ruined the song.... sad

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