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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » GNR to perform at Golden Gods award show/ lifetime achievement for Axl » 340 weeks ago

Wow..  If Duff ends up doing the Vegas shows, that would be huge!!

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 341 weeks ago

Awesome clips!  Axl sounds pretty good and its great to see Duff.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

I just feel for Slash because it is like he is being left out, and it is sad to me for some reason.

Why feel sorry for him?  He's been far more successful than Axl or Duff.   Slash is doing just fine.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

As people get older, and time goes by, bygones become bygones and the past is the past.    Don't really think we can truly know the intentions of those involved other than to say its cool that Duff will play with GNR again.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

Mikkamakka wrote:
otto wrote:

If it were 93 and we had message boards, would you all be saying this about Izzy as well?

"Well, yeah, he left because it became a circus and now here he is, playing with them... izzy man, spineless!"

Guns business' side: Instead of hiring a bass player who has to learn 20+ songs, they HIRED (there, I said it) one that knows most of them, has to learn 3 or 4 new ones (yes, he will play CD songs) and also has a history with the group.

Duff side: travel south america with family, enjoy some high profile/full of people gigs, be praised, cash in some good bucks, then, when he had enough of dealing with Axl's bullshit backstage, goes back to his normal life.

Axl side: Duff was the last to give up and judging by Duff's book and Axl's interviews, they were always on good terms but on a grey zone of discomfort in the sense of "who'll call first?". Good things they patched some scars in London.

People comparing this with Slash or "why not with Slash?": comparing apples to oranges. They haven't come to amicable terms yet and maybe never will. You get angry because it becomes more evident that a full fledged reunion will not occur (any time soon). Also, Axl has been really vocal about his problems with Slash and there are rumors that he demands a public apology and until that happens... well...

Slash: If he did have problems with Duff joining for a few songs, he did not make it public. Also, if he did, the RNRHOF occurred AFTER that and they are buddies again., on good terms, so I don't think Duff sees this as a problem and, if my instincts are to be right (given what I read about his life and modus operandis in the GNR days) he probably spoke to Slash prior to accepting the offer.

It's not easy to overlook some important fact: the 1993 band still had _the majority of the classic line-up_ and they were playing the asses off promoting _relatively new albums_, _they wrote_ and Izzy, who rejoined for a while, _was a co-writer of those songs_ and they did a helluva job, performing _amazing shows_.
Now we only have 1 original member, who's a shadow of his former shelf, who's playing a boring setlist just to rip off his remaining fans, with songs written by people he publicly hates, whom he didn't want to joing the stage, honouring their lifetime achievement. Also Duff - unlike Izzy - will be joining replacements of replacements, and not his old buddies (minus Steven). Plus, nobody on Earth questioned GN'R being GN'R back then - now only lunatics and zealots are preaching it's the same band.

So I guess this story is a little bit different, and noone can pretend it's 1993 again.

I saw the band a few times in 2002 and 2006.  I knew what I was getting and didn't feel ripped off.     You are entitled to your opinion, but many people have enjoyed the shows for what they are.   We have a choice.   I choose not to take it too seriously.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

I'm pretty sure the demand will always be there, so long as these guys are all alive.     Axl is a stubborn SOB, doesn't seem willing to go all in like that even after all these years.    But at least bringing on someone like Duff or Izzy is throwing a bone to the older generation, plus the newer generation who never saw the originals.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

Its not like this sort of thing hasn't happened before.  When Gilby was injured for a few shows, Izzy filled in. 

Duff is the perfect guy to fill in for Tommy.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

Mikkamakka wrote:

Duff is a grown man and he can do whatever he wants. Although I agree that he's legtimizing Axl's madness by these performances.

But what's much worse, and even pathetic is that Axl is now trying to sell his shows with Duff. I know that it's been a nostalgia cash grab for years, but hey - reunite the whole band or fuck off. I'm not so sure that I'd want a reunion though until Axl can get his shit together and perform above the level of an average drunk singin' in a karaoke bar.

Didn't he already "legtimize" them when he played with them a few years back?   

Both Axl and Duff will be making a ton of money off this, so I'm sure its a win/win for everyone involved.  Must be nice. 

I think its cool for the fans.   Of course most would want to see all the originals together, but doesn't look like that is happening in the near future, isn't this better than nothing?

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

Duff can handle those Bass lines, no problem.  The problem is the double standard here.  Axl got pissed the old band played at the RnRHoF, and Duff was pissed that Axl let the fans down...  Izzy pissed the guys off too for siding with Axl. Fast forward, Duff is fine with it now and can jam with Axl, but Axl is unable in any way, shape, or form, reconcile his differences with Slash like Duff does Axl.  It is bullshit and Duff in a way supports this behavior by once again bailing Axl again....  Maybe Duff is spineless, or forgets who his friends are, but Slash IS ONE OF HIS VERY BEST FRIENDS, so why does he continue to play shows with Axl under the name Guns N Roses, when his best friend cannot?  It is like he should take  his boy's back here.  If I were boys with Axl and Slash, but more so Slash and Axl wanted to hang out, I would almost have to address the Slash deal with him and get a resolution.  I feel like Slash is on his own island on this one and it sucks for him.

I don't see a double standard.   Tommy is going to go do something else, who better to take over??  I think its cool they can do this.    Maybe Slash is OK with it.   Slash is fine,  he's had the most success of anyone here.   We really don't know all the details.

What will be interesting to see if Duff playing on Chinese Democracy songs!!   But looking forward to hearing the "Duff" songs again like So Fine and Attitude.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Duff McKagan on tour with GNR? » 342 weeks ago

I don't read other forums but check here from time to time since I saw GNR is doing a stint here in Vegas, to see whats going on.

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