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Re: Will new music be released in 2019?

Sky Dog wrote:

ps...give me the handlebar mustache back.....Ax needs some edge. 16

Grow that old lady hair out and go back to the '06 beard, Axl.

Will new music be released in 2019?

Yes, Q1 0%
Yes, Q2 0%
Yes, Q3 46%
Yes, Q4 8%
Not in this decade 23%
Not in this lifetime 23%
Total votes: 13
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Re: Will new music be released in 2019?

sp1at wrote:

It's difficult to gauge.

Food for thought: Axl has recorded a new song and although it is not GN'R, it means he has been in a studio, with staff, and recorded vocals. I think I have identified the studio, but I will keep that to myself so I can follow staff chatter to pick up anything else.

April is the next month for movements, so I will follow chatter then. There were some cocksure December comments that imply there will be a continued momentum with GN'R this year. Slash has a one off tour date in November next year which implies plans will happen beyond then

The band have learnt not to leave any footprints on the net, which makes it harder to find anything.

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