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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah, but for a Halloween film that's softcore. The Halloween franchise has never been big nudity people. Other than a few quick tit shots in H2, H4, & H6, that was the worse it ever got. I've still got that Ellie Cornell shower thing in the spank bank from H5, even though it only lasted like .0000006 seconds. That was enough! 16

Most likely with this new H2, Rob will go even further with his typical formula, considering it's looking more and more like he was given this sequel, with the gloves off.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Mike wrote:

Axl S
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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Axl S wrote:

Hadn't seen this posted yet. Sorry if it has.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Saikin wrote:

It's looking pretty good.  I hope it stays that way.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Axlin16 wrote:

The biggest thing i'm looking forward too is, it being Zombie left to do his own thing, and it being totally fresh. I'm a big Halloween III fan, and love when this franchise does different things, and not streamlined stuff. Obvious Myers is there, but doing a new story and something different with it = cool concept.

Like Zombie, I think the biggest problem with Halloween 2007 was that he was bogged down too much with trying to recreate the original Halloween, instead of just doing a new film, almost sequel like, in a new world.

Despite the mediocrity of the film, I think that was one of the few things Friday The 13th 2009 got right. It didn't try to be a remake, it just tried to be a new film.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Gunslinger wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

The biggest thing i'm looking forward too is, it being Zombie left to do his own thing.

I don't know, Zombie "left to do his own thing" could go either way.  Zombie's "own thing" seemed to be very apparent with the trailer trash background he threw into the retelling of Halloween.  It was easily the low point of the movie. 

On the other hand the escape scene had its moments and it was overall a good addition.  I see it as this could go either way.  I am a bit concerned about some of his choices in storyline for the new movie but I will watch the movie with cautious optimism.

BTW, Halloween III was a good movie.  Had it not been tagged "Halloween III" and simply went with "Season of the Witch" it would have done much better.

I just had a custom case built for my H3 masks and it should be in soon.  You may appreciate this:

This will be the masks going in the case:

Sorry for the slight derailment of the thread.  To get back to RZ's H2 a bit here's the mask I have for the new movie:

The mask above represents how the mask will look at the beginning of the movie. 

By the end of the movie I understand the mask will be hardly recognizeable.

So, I have a question for everyone.  If the mask is destroyed for all intent and we know Rob Zombie wants to call it quits after this movie...what happens next?

Whether it be a sequel by another director or not where can they go with this now?

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Axlin16 wrote:


Halloween 2007:

I think Rob's trailer trash stuff is his own spin on the mythology. I think he wanted to make it his own, and not recreate Carpenter's 'evil' spin, and for that Zombie accomplished. I think the problem with that, is that Michael is made an anti-social, yet sympathetic character. That's the problem. Plus all of Rob's white trash stuff, just does to show Rob's limited range in writing outside his comfort zone. Rob certaintly went the easy route.

Halloween III:

That case is SWEET. And the Halloween "Three", even better. Karma for an H3 brother! 22

H2 and beyond:

Nothing will keep this franchise down, especially with Malek Akkad running the show, carrying his father's torch. H2-1981 had a definite end for Michael and Dr. Loomis. They were blown up... yet BOTH revived for H4.

The franchise will go on, even if Dimension has to call on the Marcus Nispel's out there, that make there rounds around these franchises directing the films.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Mike wrote:

Here's a spoiler review by someone who saw an early screening of this movie. I found this at … &boardid=2:

Hidden Text:

Let me start off by saying that even though I'm a horror movie fanatic its been maybe 15 years since I've seen the original HALLOWEEN 2. I remembered not liking it very much and even though I still consider the first in the series the best horror film ever made, nothing ever really drew me back to part two. So besides a few fuzzy memories of it, I went into the film last night being able to take a real unbiased look at a remake. Ill run it down and go through the film for anyone interested (All of it being spoilers, so if you don't want to know what happens in the movie stop reading HERE). Remember that I'm sure some of this will change by the time it hits theaters later this summer, especially after the focus group met and gave opinions after the film. Ill mention what we/they thought during the review, as well for those interested.

The movie opens with Laurie, bloody, walking down the street. Sheriff Brackett finds her and takes her to the hospital (I remember the hospital scene taking place towards the end of the original, correct me if I'm wrong but in any case its the beginning here.) The next 15 minutes, besides being WAY too loud, to the actual point where I had a bit of a headache afterwards are really fantastic and I had hoped would set the film up very nicely.

Zombie chooses to show us most of the gore in this one scene and for the rest of the film shows a lot of restraint in what he shows, letting our minds do most of the work which I really appreciated. Nowadays a lot of directors think blood & guts = scares which just isn't true.

We spend the next 20 minutes or so getting to know this new grunge Laurie (who now lives with her friend Annie and the Sheriff) and her friends who work at a book/record/indie type store and we learn they looove to party. The characters are really your standard issue, cookie cutter horror movie characters and you can pretty much pinpoint who will die and in what order. After this we see Loomis who has become a real media whore and a just an all around ****after the release of his book about Michael, which is doing a media tour for and just happens to be somewhere near Haddonfield, IL where they film a major late night talk show. Lucky him. Hes no longer a sympathetic character he is now just a famous diva who only cares about himself and his new career and let me say the focus group and the end was more than vocal about how much they hated this.

Interspersed through all of this are visions Michael has with his mother (the gorgeous Sherri Moon Zombie), a white horse and the younger version of himself guiding him to kill more so they can all finally be together. This might work in a different film but the problem here is that Laurie is having visions of them, too. The same visions. This is never explained or touched upon and even when she learns she's Michael's sister, if this was supposed to mean they were all connected in some way, it still doesn't make any sense. As much as I love her, Michael s mother has no business being in this movie at all. About 90% of the people in the focus group said they didn't like her scenes at all which weren?t many to begin with and I'm sure will now be sliced down pretty heavily.

As you guess right after we meet the characters, Michael starts killing again. Obviously he needs to get through people to get where hes going, but too many scenes were set up just to kill someone with no further advancement of a plot you could tell they desperately were trying to do something with - including scenes in a strip club stomping a mans face until its just meat, taking a naked stripper by the hair and smashing her into a mirror until she goes bye-bye, not to mention Michael killing a dog, gutting it and eating its insides. Let me just say that when I got the chance last night I let them know just how unnecessary that was and every single person there said that needed to be cut out immediately. I'm hoping it is because its something that I really should have walked on the film because of.

Soon after, Laurie discovers shes Michael s sister and all hell breaks loose. She does a LOT of screaming in this movie, almost to the laughable point which she does most of in the next few scenes. She tells her friends she needs to go out and PAR-TAY which we all know means Dead Friends so when Harley (the slut of the group) goes to a random man?s van, you don't have to be a genius to know what will happen. That scene is so predictable and so stupid pretty much everyone agreed afterwards it was just too much. When you can count down to when the attack will happen you know your movie has become too formulaic.

After this, Michael decides to visit the house of our dear friend Annie who until this point has had a decent amount of screen time cooped up in her house. When she opens that medicine cabinet you don?t have to be a rocket scientist to know what shell see when she closes it! Cut to a few minutes later, Laurie and her only living friend now, Maya (the beautiful Brea Grant who plays Daphne on HEROES) both completely drunk go back to Annie's house to crash but theres a big mess there so being as bright as they are they know something is wrong. Maya is the first to get hers, when she goes downstairs alone to call 911. Luckily Laurie escapes the house and runs into the woods (because when you're being chased by a killer you obviously run into the woods) where dagnabit, she gets caught by Michael and taken to an old shack. Now, she must have been in there for quite a while because we cut to Loomis in a swanky hotel (obviously in town) after he just finished his talk show appearance opposite Weird Al, where he sees the breaking news that Michael Myers (not the same Michael Myers from the Austin Powers films as Weird Al points out) is at it again. Loomis rushes to the site where poor Laurie is screaming again being held by her brother while we see Mommy and Little Michael watching her. Loomis informs her that nobody is holding her which we now see is true. Michael is on the other side of the barn and she?s just imagining she?s being held. The word ?HUH??? came to mind last night. Michael slices up ol? Loomis but I couldn't pay much attention to that because I was still trying to figure out how and WHY Michael and Laurie had been having the same visions of young Michael and the Mother the entire movie.

Anywho, long story short Laurie stabs Michael, and walks out of the barn wearing her Halloween costume (she was dressed as Magenta from ROCKY HORROR) and Michael s mask which elicited a LOT of laughter, seeing this little girl with this enormous mask on. We than cut to Laurie in a white room. Is she in a mental institution? I didn't think so, but others did. We see her look up and see Mrs. Myers walking towards her with the same white horse we've seen her with the whole movie. Laurie gives an evil little smile and the film ends.

So a good part of the discussion after was spent on that last scene. To me and a lot of other people it made no sense and was just, well, stupid. The fact that you think Laurie has turned bad for no reason at all didn't sit well with people because A) Its not who the character is and B) there is no reason for it. Shes had nothing happen to her to turn HER into a killer now.

A lot was also said afterward about the fact that we see a lot of Michaels face in this film. He has a very long beard and looks a lot like Zombie, himself which I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or not. But to me and most others there this isn't a good thing. Humanizing Michael doesn't make him more scary, it makes him completely unbelievable. If we see him as just a regular guy, how are we to believe? he can survive having his body bashed with baseball bats, bullets, etc and just get right back up again and keep killing. In the films current state, he is more like Jason, not Michael.

I'm sorry if this was a bit all over the place. I'm at work and doing a million things at the same time as trying to do this, but that's pretty much the gist of the film as it is now. I'll say again for as much as I detested the first one, this one was much much better. I'll even go to see it again to see what changes they've hopefully made to it

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

James wrote:

WOW. Sounds like my worst fears are finally coming true..... Zombie is gonna destroy the franchise. Its why I was so against him being involved in the first place. This film is clearly a clusterfuck. He's doing a complete 180 with the characters(Loomis AND Laurie), and that thing with both sharing visions is way too stupid.

Gonna go watch it opening night, but definitely gonna watch Final Destination after it so I can at least be sure to watch something half way decent.

This is going to fail, piss off tons of Halloween fans, and Dimension is gonna have to give it a rest and then either give Halloween a second reboot in 3 to 5 years, or go back to the original franchise and do a sequel to that.

That review is an eye opener.

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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Axlin16 wrote:

Wow, seconded. I'm scared now. I've already got a bad taste in my mouth this year with the mediocre on it's absolute best day, Friday The 13th 2009.

Laurie becomes an unlikable party whore. Loomis becomes a media whore and sticks around long enough to get killed. Sheri Moon Zombie in the film for virtually no reason whatsoever, just beause Zombie likes two paychecks coming to the house, no Halloween theme, Annie is kept alive for no reason in Halloween 2007, and is basically just kept around to get killed in H2-2009, the film has no central plot, etc. etc.

I just might skip this one. I've been debating whether or not to go, because I thought Halloween 2007 was mediocre at best.

If the final product is anything like this review, they'll be back at the drawing board. They won't wait 5 years, they'll just rush another sequel in production that ignores that events of H2-2009 (they've done it before), and pick up with Halloween 2007, and try to spin Zombie's Halloween back more into the mold of the old franchise.

James does bring up a good point. Would they ever really consider a true Halloween 9? I really don't think so. Halloween III and it's different storyline was a total bomb for audiences, which ran off the Carpenter-era into the ditch. Then Halloween 4 rebooted it, and was ran off into the ditch by the abysmal Halloween 6. Halloween H2O rebooted again as a direct-sequel to Halloween II-1981 and was dead again by Halloween: Resurrection. Zombie's Halloween was a third attempt at a reboot, and now it seems it's gonna be run into the ground AGAIN.

On one hand, I don't think they'll do another sequel to the old franchise, and on the other, I don't think they'll even fathom an attempt at a FOURTH reboot. My guess is they'll do a new Halloween III, that just pretends like H2-2009 didn't exist.

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