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Sky Dog Super-Speculative Reunion Thread.

great minds think alike...sometimes!

+ 692 weeks ago
Axlin16 What songs would you like to hear on CD2??


+ 694 weeks ago
Gong i'm back

Very astute observation, Sir.

+ 695 weeks ago
Olorin Oh My God

Your right!

+ 697 weeks ago
James Thirst

great post

+ 698 weeks ago
buzzsaw Axl's fired and re hired Azoff 3 times in last 5 weeks!

Thanks for the well thought out post.

+ 702 weeks ago
Bono Trent Blasts Axl In New Interview

Agreed. Exactly what I said in my first post in the thread.

+ 704 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S Please Play TWAT more when a tour happens

True True

+ 708 weeks ago
IRISH OS1R1S Where is the Better Video..?

Glad someone else not been all down and out all the time.

+ 710 weeks ago
Bono 'Chinese Democracy' Officially Drops out of the Billboard Top 200

It's all good man.

+ 714 weeks ago
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