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Stepvhen What the Hell is a Ruthless Truth?

pretty good, it could take off, still the sting of tl;dr is beautiful

+ 466 weeks ago
Axlin16 Obama backs mosque near Ground Zero

good political strategy

+ 473 weeks ago
James Bush reputation starting to rebound

I like reading your history lessons. Seriously.

+ 488 weeks ago
Axlin16 GnREvolution Movie Madness II - Discussion and Results Thread

Master Wayne

+ 489 weeks ago
Neemo Slash album reviews

cool paraphrase of a quote 16 or something

+ 492 weeks ago
Gong GnREvolution Movie Madness II - Round 1, Battle 11

what a piece of crap

+ 493 weeks ago
Axlin16 Duffs book update..

Truth - Alcohol = substance

+ 494 weeks ago
Mikkamakka GnREvolution Movie Madness II - 70's Nominations

for the Monty movies

+ 496 weeks ago
Gong How does Oh My God stand up to the CD material?


+ 499 weeks ago
Sky Dog How does Oh My God stand up to the CD material?

nice topic on omg

+ 499 weeks ago
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