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James The "Best Buy" leaks

good one...

+ 630 weeks ago
James HOLD ON: NY Times reporting deal NOT done!

excellent point

+ 630 weeks ago
Tommie Would the Beatles have sounded the same if they'd never taken drugs?


+ 632 weeks ago
James The version of better that was leaked on 6:18:03 has been on the bay..


Aint that the truth..

+ 636 weeks ago
Sky Dog T Minus 3 days and counting...............??

Fred G. Sanford and the "G" stands for gonna get some some Gnr and Chinese Democracy.

+ 636 weeks ago
James a front runner for the new VR gig?


+ 641 weeks ago
James Chinese Democracy Tracklisting Speculation

HA! you always find a way of making me laugh when not stoned, and thats no easy feat....

+ 641 weeks ago
BLS-Pride a front runner for the new VR gig?

avatar + member title = golden

+ 641 weeks ago
PaSnow A mildly amusing Axl joke I never heard

Cake sucks & Pie is awesome... funny

+ 650 weeks ago
monkeychow GNR issue statement about Robin

Great me thinking!

+ 652 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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