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smoke what does Axl/GNR have to, to regain your interest 100%


+ 721 weeks ago
Neemo Shacklers Revenge on radio

funny 14

+ 729 weeks ago
DCK Shacklers Revenge on radio


- 729 weeks ago
Gong Rumors building up regarding CDII release date...


+ 733 weeks ago
misterID Dexter's New Rant @ mygnr

I'm sorry I ruined your black panther party... haha

+ 743 weeks ago
misterID Osaka, Japan - December 16, 2009 (Osaka Dome)

You cannot be serious! 16

+ 752 weeks ago
Gong How hard is it to leak a song?


+ 755 weeks ago
Gong GN'R makes official tour announcement on MySpace

big_smile Glenn Beck

+ 758 weeks ago
Bono From


+ 758 weeks ago
RussTCB From

well played

+ 758 weeks ago
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