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Gagarin ID,Izzy looking for your boy MSL via twitta


+ 431 weeks ago
monkeychow Scraped Cardeaux Intro Mix


+ 610 weeks ago
smoke Cataloging the CD leaks

Thanks man, that clears a lot up. I need to try to match up what I have, and fill in the gaps.

+ 630 weeks ago
Axlin16 Does Talent create responsibility to use that talent?

I completely agree

+ 640 weeks ago
misterID Does Talent create responsibility to use that talent?

good post

+ 640 weeks ago
misterID That Metal Show, Trunk/GN'R Discussion

good post

+ 663 weeks ago
jamester 101 Document Titles From Axls Laptop (No Actual Documents Tho)

he got knocked the fuck out!  lol nice post

+ 700 weeks ago
jamester Removed or deleted

Welcome back! Good of you to share. just dont be such a tease! sorry about turk.

+ 700 weeks ago
Axlin16 Removed or deleted

Good to see your willing to discuss

+ 701 weeks ago
Aussie GN'R Twitter Updates

What's Beta for - lol

+ 760 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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