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Aussie GNR Sued For Copying Songs


+ 492 weeks ago
kermit the Trump GNR Sued For Copying Songs


+ 492 weeks ago
Gong GNR Sued For Copying Songs


+ 493 weeks ago
Axlin16 Guns n’ Roses to Tour Southeast Asia? (Rolling Stone)

Media needs to wash it's hands of Axl... he'd like it that way imo.

+ 494 weeks ago
Gagarin How far for GNR?

Calling it like you see it, seeing beyond the Internet posing of forum people, good job.

+ 496 weeks ago
buzzsaw How far for GNR?

completely inappropriate

- 496 weeks ago
Mikkamakka Chinese Democracy Chart Positions Thread

good point

+ 498 weeks ago
Gong If the Skwerl

Are you vince41090?

+ 502 weeks ago
Tommie Some asshat trying to trash MSL

LOL good point.

+ 504 weeks ago
misterID Some asshat trying to trash MSL


+ 504 weeks ago
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